Harrison Butker Fantasy Team Names 2023

Harrison Butker fantasy team names cover Butt Kicker, The Butker Blockers, Harrison Heroes, Kickin’ Chaos, Boot Butt, and Field Goal Frenzy.

Although the player was picked by the Carolina Panthers in the 2017 NFL Draft, he began his NFL career with the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The current Chiefs’ Kicker is in his seventh season with the team and is his only team since he was signed on 26 September 2017. He played his debut game against the Washington Redskins (Commanders now) and converted a game-winning field goal.

In his debut season, he attempted his career-high 42 Field goals and converted 38 of them overall. In his seventh season this year, he has attempted 19 Field Goals and successfully converted all of them.

The player holds an NFL record for most field goals made by a rookie i.e. 38, a franchise record for most points by a rookie, most points by a kicker in a season, and Longest Field Goal.

In the 2022 season in the AFC Championship game, the kicker a 27-yard field goal that helped the team to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals and made them the way to reach Super Bowl LVII.

Funny Fantasy Names For Butker

Harrison Butker fantasy names consist of Butker’s Brigade, Kickin’ Boot, Butker Boys, Bootin’ and Lootin’, Butt Bombers, and Harry Booter.

The kicker is quite popular these days both in the NFL as well as the fantasy football. His achievements in the 2023 season are making him a good kicker in the League. 

Many FFPs are keen to give their team some titles to go with the excellent player. We have created a list of some interesting and funny names for your fantasy teams that you can pick from. Choose from below:

  • Butker Booty Shakers
  • Harrison Hammer
  • Butker Bullets
  • Kickin’ King
  • Harrison’s Blitz
  • Boot and Rally
  • Field Goal Fanatics
  • The Butker Boosters
  • Kickin’ Back with Harrison
  • The Butker Believers
  • One Kick Man
  • The Ninja Kicker
  • Butker Ballers
  • Kickin’ Chronicles
  • The Butterfly Kicker
  • Harrison’s Buckshot
  • Butker’s Breakneck Booters
  • Bootstrappers
  • Bootleggers Uncovered
  • Kickin’ Crew
  • Field Goal Fever
  • Butker’s Bold Booters
  • The Rocket Boots
  • Boots in the Tush
  • Bootin’ Caboodles
  • Arrowhead’s Point Pioneers
  • End Zone Extremists
  • Goal Line Gladiators
  • Arrowhead Accuracy Aces
  • Silent Strike Squad
  • Kickin’ Countdown
  • Boot Bash Commanders
  • Kickin’ Chiefs Crusaders
  • Butker’s Bandoleros
  • Silent Strike Scoring Squad
  • Perfect Point Predators
  • Kickin’ Ultimate Command
  • Special Team Heroes
  • Field Goal Fusion
  • Bootleg Bionics
  • FG Fraternity
  • Kickoff Kings of the League
  • Butker’s Pigskin Prodigies

There are several other funny titles to go with which can leave your friends laughing out loud for a while. We have also collected some laughable names featuring the player from across the web as well as created them to suit your team in such a manner. Let’s look at the list:

Fun Titles Ft. Butker

  • The Butker Ballisticks
  • Harrison’s Bulletproof Boots
  • Butker’s Blazing Boots
  • Kickin’ Kinetics
  • Kick Professor
  • Field Goal Heist
  • Field Goal Fusion
  • Butker Big Boots
  • Bootleg Bandits
  • Butker Bashers
  • Kickin’ Kommandos
  • Bootin’ Bliss
  • Bootleg Bulletins
  • Kickin’ Catalyst
  • The World of Kickers
  • Butkeranger; The Age of Kickers
  • Bootin’ Battalion
  • Field Goal Frontiers
  • Kickin’ Crusaders
  • Breakneck Boots
  • FG Finale
  • Bootin’ Browlers
  • Kickin’ Cavaliers
  • Butker’s Bullet Ballet
  • FG Fanfare
  • Kickin’ Coalition
  • Butker’s Baron
  • Field Goal Fiesta
  • Butker Buzzsaws
  • It’s all in the Kickin’
  • What a Kickin’ Surprise!
  • It takes just a kick
  • The Extra Point Artists
  • Butker’s Point-Scoring Posse
  • The Chiefs’ Kick Masters
  • The Guardian of the Goal Post
  • Butker: The Kicker
  • The Kick of Paradise
  • The EP Experts
  • The Wolf of Kick Street

You can pick from any of the pseudo names that you find interesting as well as equally funny above and make it a title of your team. We are pretty much sure that these titles will make everyone around you laugh.

Make sure you have good players on your squad who can kick the field goal out of your opponent just like these titles kick off a loud laughter out of your friends.

You can also try mixing up the above names and try to create your own funny names. Almost everything that can combine in boots, kicks, and field goals will do. It’s equally fun to create your own titles. 

Harrison Butker Fantasy Points Today

Harrison Butker fantasy week 11 points were 5.00 which also stands for today. He reached the current number rising from 0 points in week 10.

In the first week of the season, the player saw 8 pts which decreased to 5 pts in week 2 where he made only one field goal against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The pts increased to 11 in the third week where the kicker made 5 PATs, 1 FG in the 30-39 category, and another one in the 40-49 category. The number remained constant for the fourth week as well.

His fifth-week stats read a decreased number of 9.00 pts where he made 3 PAT. The highest point till the 11th week of the NFL came for him in week 6 where it was 17.00 pts. It was the team’s 19-8 victory over the Denver Broncos.

The kicker subsequently went for 7, 11, 3, and 0 pts from week seven to ten and finally stood on 5 points at the end of the eleventh week.

Projection for Week 12

Butker’s points projection for week 12 is 7.6 pts by the fantasy pros. The number is a little higher as per the Draftsharks and sits at 8.5.

The player’s projected field goal for the upcoming week is 1.7 and the field goal average is 1.9. His XPT is expected to stand at 2.6 for the twelfth week. 

His weekly ECR rank for the upcoming matches is predicted at #2. The player has successfully exceeded expectations in five different weeks including weeks three, four, five, six, and eight to name the last.

kicking through eleven games, the player has maintained standard performance and is expected to go a little higher in the upcoming matches.

Projecting and predicting the numbers for Harrison is a little difficult this season as he has exceeded the projection many times this year only. The kicker can rise or fall to any number.

Fantasy Outlook In 2023 Season

Harrison Butker Fantasy Outlook projects him to finish the 2023 season with #2 rank at best and #6 at worst. His ECR rank is expected at #1.

The Kicker’s predicted field goal for this season is 26.8 and the field goal average is calculated to reach 31.4. The projected points by the fantasy pros is 128.7. 

The player’s XPT for the rest of the season sits at 48.3. The 28-year-old player is expected to gather 141 points by the end of the season as per the Draftsharks.

On the high floor, his points are predicted to sit at 129.7. The number is also projected to reach 162.2 on the top ceiling. But the chances of reaching the ceiling are low for the kicker. His pts will most probably hover around 141.0.

His overall ECR ranking in the FF is expected to touch 167 which is predicted at the best-case scenario. The player can also go up to #185 at worst.

This will be largely influenced by how the player performs in the matches for the rest of the regular season games. As for now, the team has lost three games in which Harrison has played.

Harrison Butker Draft Profile

Harrison Butker was picked by the Carolina Panthers in the 2017 NFL Draft as the seventh-round pick. He was the 233rd player to be selected.

He was the third and last kicker to be selected in that season. His overall rank during the draft was predicted to be 308. His best rank projection during the time was #128. The 6’4″ player’s arm length was measured at 31 3/4″. His hand span was measured at 8 3/4″.

The Georgia Tech college football player weighed 199 lbs in the year of the draft. His 2017 NFL Combine kicker rank was #1. prior to going for the NFL Draft, the player was with Georgia Tech from 2013 to 2016.

At the collegiate level, he was the all-time leading scorer in the history of the university. During his senior years, he served as the captain of his team. 

In his college football career, he was able to convert 43 out of a total of 60 field goal attempts as well as 208 out of 210 extra points.