Probz Face And Real Name Revealed 

Probz has not Revealed his face from the very beginning, As he has not disclosed his identity.

However, he is a bit shy natured and doesn’t feel comfortable showing his face publicly.

He has never revealed his identity despite being known for his gaming for more than eight years. As per his view, he doesn’t need to show his face for the content of his videos.

Once he uploaded a specific Q and A Video and affirmed that he does not just have an urge to expose his identification to the people on October 29, 2020.

Similarly, his real name is also well hidden like his face. No source has revealed his bio on Twitch. His social media has also never mentioned his real name.

Furthermore, he has never revealed his name to his devotees.

Probz age and Nationality revealed

Probz is 19 years old as of 2021 and was born on December 31, 2001, in the United States.

However, he currently remains in Canada after he emigrated there with his parents at an early age.

He might come from an American nationality as per his background. But actual bio detail is yet to confirm by him.

Although, it is difficult to guess his Nationality.

His youtube journey started when he was 12 in December 2013, but he considered all the old videos privately.

Nonetheless, he is working on Youtube and Twitch, where he uploads the latest videos each additional day.

Twitch Streamer and YouTuber Girlfriend 

Probz is a Twitch Streamer and Youtube star whose Girlfriend and romantic life insights is not available on Social media.

He has never shared his real identity with anyone.

His social media only covers his gaming videos and no more than that.

However, the young Streamer must have once dated that has not known yet.

Moreover, it is unsure to know his relationship status because there is no source available to explore his matter.

The relationship status of Probz cannot get confirmed as of now due to Insufficient information.

Probz Instagram 

Probz is active as @improbzz with 9071 fans following his platform. He has a total of 7 posts to date.

He seems busy streaming his games as he has not had much time on Instagram.

However, he has posted his streaming video recently.

Moreover, his Twitch account stands for @imPROBZZ has 92.4 k followers, and his Youtube channel @PROBZZ has above 227k supporters to date.

He is also active in his Twitter account as @imPROBZZ with 6761 fans following his platform.