Here’s Why Fans Think Demarco Morgan Is Leaving CBS News!

Demarco Morgan is leaving CBS News for a new beginning in his life. Find more on the broadcaster who devoted his soul to journalism. 

An American broadcaster, DeMarco Morgan, is widely known for his appearance on the weekday morning newscasts on the CBS network. The anchor has been in the field of journalism for a long time.

And within these times, people have loved him for his excellent anchoring skills. He recently came to the highlight with the news of a journalist leaving the station after his long-serving.

His followers are now concerned about the anchor and his life updates.

Is Demarco Morgan Leaving CBS News?

Yes, Demarco Morgan is leaving CBS News. He has signed off from the station in the early morning for the last time.

He worked for CBS News for three years and recently announced his departure from the station on his Instagram account.

Morgan started his career at the station in 2015 as a correspondent. Also, he began to serve on KCBS in 2019 as a newscast.

The journalist left his work in Atlanta to start his new career at CBS News. He mentioned working in the station has been like a dream to him.

He started as an intern but soon managed to land himself a job and make for himself. Regardless, Demarco has bid farewell to his colleagues and everyone who supported him in the news station.

Following the announcements, people have given their best wishes to the journalist on his next journey.

Who Is Demarco Morgan’s Wife? Married Life Explored

Demarco Morgan is reportedly known to be unmarried and not have a wife. On top of that, the news anchor has kept his romantic life private from the public.

Despite being a famous TV personality, he has neither opened up about his other half nor faced love scandals. Still and all, he once mentioned his co-anchor as his partner in a joke.

Besides, he seems to have focused on developing his professional career to date.

Demarco Morgan’s Salary In 2022

In 2022, Demarco Morgan’s expected salary as a CBS broadcaster is more than $160k yearly. However, after leaving the station, he has yet to update the information.

Additionally, with his long journalism career, Morgan is estimated to have a net worth of roughly around $500,000.

In 2006, he was titled “One of America’s Young Leaders of the Future” and further also won NABJ National community Service Award.