Count Nikolai von Bismarck Net Worth 2022

Count Nikolai von Bismarck has amassed a decent amount of money through his photographic profession. As said on, the renowned photographer has amassed an estimated net worth of two million dollars.

Moreover, his first work after graduation from Parsons Paris School of Arts And Design was with Annie Leibovitz, with whom he collaborated for two years. Likewise, he was the youngest photographer to shoot for Conde Nast under Testino titled “like a virgin.” 

The general public appreciated his solo photography exhibition in 2013. Additionally, the story of the photo was focused on Ethiopia.

The name Bismarck is among the renowned personalities. He was selected to capture the memories of Princess Beatrice of York for her eighteenth birthday portrait.

One of his recent collections of portraits is The Dior Sessions, published in 2019. Likewise, his works have been featured in several publications like the Nation, Daily Mirror, and The Times.

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Millionaire Count Nikolai von Bismarck Assets And Wealth

Nikolai is a lavish-loving person and owns expensive cars and houses. He often glances at the paparazzi while being on a Rolls Royce car worth two hundred and sixty thousand dollars.

Additionally, he is also a classic car lover and is often seen on classic MG with his lover Kate Moss. However, the photographer does not show off his assets on his social media platforms. Instead, he only prefers displaying his masterpiece on the platform.

Coming from the house of Bismarck, he probably owns a great home with good furnishing. However, the details about his home are not known yet. 

Moreover, his girlfriend Kate Moss, a British model and businesswoman, bought three of the grove, Highgate, in 2011 and sold it recently in 2022 to relocate to the Cotswolds.

Details To Count Nikolai von Bismarck Family

Count Nikolai von Bismarck was born to his father, Count leopard von Bismarck-Schonhausen, and his mother, Debonnaire Jane Patterson. The Bismarck couple gave birth to four children, and Nikolai is the youngest.

The photographer is one of the members of the House of Bismarck, a German noble family that rose to prominence in the 19th century through the acquirement of the otto von Bismarck.

Born on 29 December 1986, the photographer spent his childhood in Central London.  

Likewise, his paternal grandparents are Otto Christian Archibald and Ann-Mari Tengbom. Nikolai’s mother, Debonnaire, is the granddaughter of John Roseberry Monson and niece of John Monson.

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