Inside 11 Years Of Relationship Timeline Of Andrew Yang And His Wife Evelyn Yang

American attorney, businessman, and lobbyist, Andrew Yang surprised the whole world when he ran for the 2020 elections as a candidate in the Democratic Party.

Yang’s political ambitions were not much known by his peers and the public before his candidacy in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries. However, once he announced he was running, he went from being a relatively unknown candidate to a major competitor in the race.

Cheered by the public for his youth, his new ideas, mainly popularizing a universal basic income where everyone would make $1,000 a month, as well as his diverse background compared to the other candidates, Yang developed a solid fan base of supporters called Yang Gang, which even contained some high-profile celebrities, especially Dave Chappelle.

However, Yang would qualify and participate in seven of the first eight Democratic debates but suspended his campaign on February 11, 2020, after the New Hampshire Primary.

Who Is Andrew Yang’s Wife, Evelyn Yang?

Andrew Yang is married to Evelyn Yang, an author, and advocate for survivors of sexual assault and special needs families.

Evelyn Yang is a big proponent of speaking out about sexual abuse, especially teaching children about sexual abuse and how to talk about it. She has written a book called “A Kids Book About Sexual Abuse,” which, she says, will help give children the language to understand what sexual abuse is and start the conversation about the ownership of their bodies and trusting their instincts.

According to Evelyn, the idea for the book came to her after she spoke up about her sexual and mental abuse at the hands of her gynecologist, Robert Hadden. Evelyn was one of the 18 women who accused Hadden of sexual abuse and testified against him in front of a grand jury.

Evelyn told the press of Hadden’s inappropriate questions, unprofessional behavior, and how he made her feel unsafe and did things to her that left her shocked and frozen. Thankfully, due to the testimony of Evelyn and the other seventeen women, Hadden was indicted on federal charges of sexual abuse last year.

Sadly, while testifying against Hadden, Yang unlocked a memory of her being assaulted as a child in school. This realization led to her writing the book to give children the ability to understand what was happening to them and how to talk about it, which she never had.

Andrew Yang and Evelyn Yang’s Relationship Timeline

The Yangs met each other at Columbia University’s campus.

The couple has been married since 2011. The couple lives in a rental apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, while owning a home in New Paltz, New York, which they bought in 2015.

Evelyn was a supportive presence during Andrew Yang’s presidential run and had enough charisma to develop a fanbase of her own. Videos of her on interviews during said run would be filled with comments applauding Evelyn’s beauty, eloquence, and intelligence, with just an equal amount of people celebrating the couple’s relationship and evident love for each other.

The couple is still very supportive of each other, and Andrew is as involved with Evelyn’s various philanthropic ventures as she was in his presidential campaign. Chances are, if you see a Yang during an interview or a photo-op, the other Yang is also somewhere in the frame.

Andrew Yang and Evelyn Yang’s Children

Andrew Yang and Evelyn Yang have two children together.

Of the two children, both sons, the older one, Christopher, is autistic and a source of pride for his parents. Due to his son’s autism, both parents are heavily invested in providing help to families with special needs children.

Evelyn is especially an advocate for special needs families. She has been very vocal about the difficulties of raising a special needs child and the several hidden costs and complicated childcare responsibilities that lie within.

Due to these difficulties, Yang first began realizing the importance of universal basic income and how it could help families like his and the world.