Is Benjamin Mendy’s Brother Edouard Mendy? Everything About The Footballer

Benjamin Mendy is a French footballer who played for the France National Team from 2017 to 2019.

Benjamin was a member of the France national team that won the 2018 World Cup. Edouard and Benjamin Mendy aren’t biologically related. In international football, Edouard represents the Senegal national team.

Benjamin is a left-back player for the Premier League team Manchester City, but the club suspended him in 2021 after he was accused of sexual assault. In addition to sexual assault, he was charged with eight counts of rape and one count of attempted rape.

Following Benjamin’s accusation of sexual assault and continued detention, Edouard Mendy was frequently mistaken for Benjamin and connected to him.

Is Benjamin Mendy’s Brother Edouard Mendy?

Both Benjamina and Edouard are professional football players. People often confuse them as biological siblings since they share a surname. They are cousins.

Edouard plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League team Chelsea and competes internationally for the Senegal national team. Both players, Benjamin and Edouard, were born in France and have only two years of age difference. Additionally, Edouard has repeatedly expressed his displeasure over people mistaking him for Benjamin.

Edouard was born in Montivilloers, France on March 1, 1992, whilst Benjamin was born in Longjumeau, France on July 17, 1994. They were both born in France, where they also began their professional playing careers.

Ferland Mendy and Edouard Mendy are relatives and have a biological connection. Edouard and Ferland’s photos were published in various media pieces last year in 2021 when Benjamin was suspected of sexual assault. They expressed their displeasure with the use of the photos without knowing the precise identity of the guilty party. The usage of their images was immensely significant, as people began comparing them all.

“Sad to see that in 2021, in France as well as England, for some, black people have neither names nor distinguishable faces,” Edouard Mendy posted on Instagram. “ These photographic “mistakes” might seem incidental, but they are actually incredibly symbolic.

Both Benjamin And Edouard Are Professional Footballers

Benjamin and Edouard are native French football players. They are both young players for prestigious clubs, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Benjamin is a left-back-style defender for the Manchester City team. Benjamin Mendy began his professional career with Ligue 2 club Le Havre, where he stayed for one year before joining League 1 club Marseille. His playing abilities won over admirers from all over the world, and in 2017, he was signed to the English team Manchester City for a then-record transfer fee for a defender.

After several years of playing for French youth teams, he was finally selected for the France National Team, and he competed in his first World Cup in 2018. The 28-year-old French player was having a good season before the club banned him on sexual assault charges. In May 2022, he submitted a not guilty plea to seven rape charges, one sexual assault charge, and one attempted rape charge. Six complainants were named in the charges.

Edouard was in danger of being compared to Benjamin as the news of Benjamin’s allegations spread throughout the media. But they are related in other ways than their surname. The 30-year-old member of the Senegal national team began his playing career at Le Havre. After numerous years of playing for that club, he eventually got the chance to play for Chelsea when he signed a contract in September 2020.

Edouard became the first African goalkeeper in football history to win both the UEFA Goalkeeper of the Year and the Best FIFA Goalkeeper of 2021 awards.

In connection to Benjamin, the name of another player comes forward. He is Ferland Mendy. Ferland is the cousin of goalkeeper Edouard Mendy. Ferland plays for the La Liga club Real Madrid and the France national team.

Benjamin Mendy Family and Wife Details

Benjamin was born to French parents. He is of Ivorian ethnicity and holds French nationality.

Benjamin has wonderful parents, including his father, Sr. Benjamin, and mother, Monique. His parents are not well covered in online resources. They do, however, have a deep and close bond with Benjamin.

In his earlier years, Benjamin had a relationship with a girl, but he was not married. According to various articles, he was cheating on his girlfriend during COVID. However, it was later discovered that he had also had his career destroyed by sexual assault allegations. The incident is said to have occurred between October 2020 and August 2021.