Is Esther McVey still an MP?

Esther Louise McVey, a prominent figure in British politics and a seasoned television presenter, has maintained her political presence and influence.

As of the latest information available, McVey continues to serve as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tatton since 2017.

McVey’s political journey took a significant turn in April 2017 when she was selected to succeed George Osborne as the Conservative candidate for the June 2017 general election in the safe seat of Tatton.

The general election saw McVey securing victory with a vote share of around 58.6%, comparable to the share Osborne gained in 2015. Despite a decreased majority, McVey’s electoral success solidified her standing as a representative of Tatton.

Following the election, McVey’s contributions to the political landscape were recognized as she assumed the role of Deputy Chief Government Whip in a reshuffle prompted by Sir Michael Fallon’s resignation as Secretary of State for Defence. .

Fast forward to the present, McVey’s commitment to public service is evident in her role as Minister without Portfolio in the Cabinet Office, a position she has held since 2023. This appointment underscores her continued dedication to serving the interests of the public and contributing to the governance of the country.