Is Jenny Kleeman Leaving Times Radio, Where Is She Going To Work?

There are rumors that Jenny Kleeman is leaving the times radio in 2022. She had joined Times Radio in the second quadrant of 2020. 

Jenny Kleeman is a British professional documentary filmmaker and journalist well known for her work on the channel four foreign affairs series Unreported World.

She also works on BBC one’s Panorama, a current British affairs documentary program aired on BBC television and first broadcast in 1953.

Is Jenny Kleeman Leaving Times Radio?

People on the internet rumored that Jenny Kleeman is leaving Times Radio due to some reason. Still, it might not be true because she hasn’t officially announced it in any publication.

She joined Times Radio in the year 2019, and she also shared a post on her account on Facebook with the status,” just heard the news that sky has said times radio presenters are not allowed to be on the press preview. I have loved doing the sky press preview ever since they first had me in 2011″.

And also, “I have made some wonderful friends and had some fantastic exchanges” she also expressed her thank you to the ream of sky radio channel through that post on July 2, 2022.

Where Is Jenny Kleeman Going To Work?

According to her Facebook post, Jenny Kleeman is working as a regular reporter on sky news, a British free-to-air television news channel and organization that is distributed via a radio news service.

Moreover, she left there in 2020 to work in the Times Radio news channel, a British digital radio station owned by news UK which is jointly operated by the wireless group, the times, and the Sunday Times.

This show was first launched in June 2020, where Jenny Kleeman is co-presenter alongside Luke Jones from Friday to Sunday.

On July 2, 2020, Jenny Kleeman gave notice to her followers through a post about a new program on times radio with the status ” my time’s breakfast show begins tomorrow. I an ib 6-10an Friday-Sunday”. ]

Jenny Kleeman Husband & Married Life

It seems that Jenny Kleeman is single because there aren’t any photos or publications of her dating someone in the past few days.

However, she might be dating someone in her private life and keeping it secret from the public for some personal reason. Again, she is also available on Facebook, where she hasn’t shared any photos regarding her relationship.

One will be able to know about her relationship if Jenny Kleeman shares about it in the future.

Jenny Kleeman Net Worth In 2022 -How Much?

According to, Jenny Kleeman might have an approximate net worth of around $1 million to $5 million as of 2022; however, it is not precise.

Jenny collected most of her money from her professional career as a journalist; she worked for several news channels till now, including The Guardian, HBO Vice News Tonight, Dispatches, The one show on BBC, and Sky News.

Jenny Kleeman is now working as a television news presenter on Times Radio from July 2022. She also earned from her book publication, such as sex robots & vegan meat: adventures at the frontier of birth and food are some of her books.

These all are her source of income so that Jenny Kleeman could have accumulated a good amount of finances as of 2022.