Is Martin Maldonado Related To Candy Maldonado? Personal Details on The Astros Player

Martin Maldonado is the son of legendary baseball player Candy Maldonado. Learn more on the father and son relationship

Martin Maldonado is a professional baseball player from MLB and currently plays from Houston Astros. He has been with the squad since 2019 and was awarded the Gold Glove and Fielding Bible in 2017.

We have explored more on his personal and family life in this article. Learn everything about the player, his dad, and his married life with an update on his Instagram handle.

MLB Martin Maldonado- His dad Candy Maldonado an Inspiration

The MLB player Martin Maldonado grew up watching his father Candy Maldonado play baseball. His father has been an inspiration in his life as he holds impressive career stats in Major League Baseball.

Also known as ‘Candyman’ was an active player between 1981-1995. He made his career debut from Los Angeles Dodgers and appeared on national and international games, winning the World Series Championship in 1992.

He continued as a sports commentator for ESPN Deportes after he retired from baseball. The former player was associated with the Gigantes del Cibao of the Dominican Baseball League and served as a general manager.

Martin has a lot to learn from his father. We assume that continuous support and guidance from his dad will lead him to become the next hall of fame in the MLB.

His mother was cured of an aneurysm after spending 23 days at the hospital. The athlete expresses gratitude to his family for their love and support, as well as to the physicians for giving his mother a second opportunity at life.

Martin Maldonado Wife- His Family Life Explored

Martin Maldonado is happily married to Janelise Maldonado. They have made their relationship public while photos from their 11th marriage anniversary go viral all over social media.

He resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife and two children. The player was born on August 16, 1986, and is currently at the age of 35 who belongs to Puerto Rican descent.

The MLB player has been an amazing father and a loving husband. Scanning through his social media, we can tell that he has a happy family and maintains a wealthy lifestyle.

Find Martin Maldonado on Instagram

The 35-year-old player Martin Maldonado is active on the Instagram handle. He frequently updates his life events and activities through the platform among his fans.

We can know more about his personal life through his profile. Similarly, his wife is an active user of Instagram and found under the username @janelisemaldonado