Is Rapper Coco Tkt In Prison? Everything On His Age And Bio

Coco Tkt is already out of prison after serving his 5 years time. Find out more about the French rapper including his age, Instagram, and wiki details.

Coco Tkt is a French rapper best known for the robbery.

The middle-aged rapper’s career went downhill after being found guilty of robbery. He was starting to find himself a legitimate fan base through his work of art.

However, everything changed when he committed a crime and was sentenced to prison.

Is Coco Tkt In Prison?

Coco Tkt is not in prison in 2022.

Café-crème rapper was sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2016. The reason, he looted 476.12 Euros at the BP service station in Deuil-la-Barre.

Coco Tkt pulled a weapon to Hamid, 59, and asked him to fill the bag. The rapper had threatened to stumble on the victim if he had not given the money.

Furthermore, the rapper clarified that he took the action for the sake of his family. On the court, he revealed that he had big worries and sworn that he would never repeat again.

Coco Tkt had stated that he had bought the gun to shoot for his rap clips. Apparently, the theme of his clip was to convey the message on weapon use which can be dangerous.

His lawyer insisted that the rapper was isolated and physically weakened at that time.

Coco Tkt got out of the prison only to be rolled over by the bystanders and locked again in January 2021. He revealed that the supervisor had written a false report.

Now, he is not in prison and is ready to make a comeback in the music industry. He had recently appeared on a show which led the netizens to troll him.

Coco Tkt Rappeur Age And Instagram Details

Rappeur Coco Tkt, aged 38, is expected to return to the music industry in 2022.

Currently, in his late-30s, Coco Tkt was 32 when he was sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2016.

While the rapper has not revealed any details on his date of birth, he seems to give away his routine and lifestyle to his 3,203 Instagram followers.

Active on the platform as @cocotktofficiel, the rapper provides an insight into his lifestyle to his followers.

Coco Tkt Wikipedia Bio

Coco Tkt is a French rapper whose birth name is Julien Cocoa.

The Villiers-le-Bel-native rapper was active in the industry since 2014 as his first official music video was posted 8-years-ago on his YouTube channel.

Detail regarding his family and academic background is left unknown to date.