Is Taylor R pregnant with her husband, Tom?

Taylor R is 22 weeks pregnant with her husband, Tom Lip. They are expecting a handsome baby boy.

She uploaded a youtube video Titled “18 Weeks Pregnant, Our Baby Moon” four weeks ago.

Taylor is continuing her famous “Our Fertility Journey” series. She is taking her fans on this incredible adventure.

Richard could not get pregnant for three years before. Tom had been her supportive rock during this time. 

The real name of Taylor R is Taylor Richard. She is also known as Taytay in the digital world.

Taylor R Home: Where is she from?

Taylor R is originally from Toronto, Canada. She came to Hongkong in 2010 pursuing her dream of being a model.

Richard’s sister Carly is a nurse who lives back in her hometown.

After arriving in Hongkong, she decided to get involved in the world of social media and quickly adapted to it.

Taylor was always a good student as a kid. Her parents have also always been very supportive of her decision to become a model.

She has a charming personality with a brilliant fashion sense.

Taylor R Age

The age of Taylor R is 33 years old. Her full date of birth is 14 December 1988.

She stands 5 foot 5 inches tall with her beautiful blonde hair.

Taylor has light brown eyes. She does not have any tattoos on her body as of today.

Taylor R’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius which explains why her fans are in awe of her charisma.

Is Taylor R on Instagram?

Taylor R has around 462k followers on Instagram.

Her Instagram wall is full of beautiful pictures of herself and her dogs. She often endorses different brands through Instagram as a fashion model.

Taylor also has a youtube channel with 1.24 million subscribers. 

She is famous for posting videos of her fertility journey, lifestyle vlogs, food, DIY, fashion, and culture in Hongkong.