Meet Tia Mann: Daughter Of Tamela Mann

Tia Mann is the daughter of a popular American actress as well as gospel singer Tamela Mann and her husband David Mann.

She is the youngest child of Tamela and David and they are proud to have a daughter like Tia who has been following the path shown by her parents.

Also, she got a comedic taste into herself inherited from her father who is known to be a popular comedian during his active career stage.

Moreover, she also has a brother David Mann Jr and three other half-sisters from her fathers previous marriage but she has a beautiful siblings bond with all of them.

Is Tia Mann Married to JP? Her Boyfriend

Tia Mann is not married to JP but they are in a romantic relationship since a few years back and he is her handsome boyfriend.

Justin Pearson, often known as JP is also a musician by profession and these two love birds have known each other for a long time.

As they both belong to the same profession, they built the bond together instantaneously and fell in love with each other, and are often seen together.

We can find them hanging out together on her Instagram handle @iamtiamann and it seems they love each other more than anyone else.

What Is The Age Of Tia Mann?

Tia Mann is currently 31 years old in age although she looks much younger than her actual age.

She was born on the 25th of May, 1990 in Texas, United States, and since then has been living there itself calling herself proud American.

Likewise, as she was born in the household of music and art, she built the passion into singing from a young age getting inspired by her mother.

Furthermore, she is a graduate of Mansfield Timberview High School whereas there is not much information about her further studies.

Is Tia Mann Available On Wikipedia?

Tia Mann is not available on Wikipedia as of now but we can expect to see her on it soon.

She has been involving herself as a background singer on the musical tour along with her parents and has been honing her skills as a singer.

Apart from singing, she also keeps herself active on the comical shows whenever she gets free time and has a lot of fan following.