Izzat Daouk And Son Accident Video & Death News, What Happened?

Izzat Daouk and his son have suffered an untimely death following a car accident. He was a renowned Lebanese businessman. 

Daouk is the owner of a well-established Lebanese firm, “Izzat Daouk”. His company sells cosmetics and accessories around the world and he founded company in 1906 in Beirut. His firm company reportedly has two branches in Riyadh and four branches in Jeddah.

RIP: Accident Kills Businessman Izzat Daouk And His Son

A terrible accident that happened on Friday, July 8, 2022, has taken the life of  Izzat Daouk and his young son. 

According to the An-Nahar news, Daouk had suffered an accident in the resort of Sharm El-Sheikh. He was traveling with his family for a vacation. The news also reports that the business and his son were critically injured. They need surgeries, however, the medical team could not save them. Still, Daouk’s daughter has been heavily injured and the family wishes to conduct further medical procedures in Lebanon. 


Lebanon’s ambassador to Egypt, Ali al-Halabi, stated that “the embassy was informed of the death of Ezzat Daouk and his son immediately after the accident occurred yesterday in Sharm el-Sheikh, and the bodies are expected to arrive in Lebanon tomorrow,”

The name of the wounded daughter of Izzat Daouk is Roy and his deceased son is Gad, who was only 10 years of age.

Daouk and his family live in Choueifat, one of Lebanon’s largest and most important cities located southeast of Beirut.

Izzat Daouk And Son Accident Video 

The road surveillance video showed Izzat Daouk traveling in a vehicle with his family. He and his family were traveling in two separate cars in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Lebanon’s ambassador also announced that the open traffic accident indicates the incident was of destiny.

However, still, an investigation has been opened into its circumstance. More updates will be publicized by the Egyptian media.  


After the death of Daouk, his company posted a tribute to his name. They wrote on Instagram: “The Izzat Daouk Group and the Daouk family mourn the passing of Izzat H. Daouk, an incredible young entrepreneur,”

“It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the passing of this member of our Board of Directors and National Director for Egypt on February 8 in Cairo”

Izzat Daouk Net Worth In 2022

Izzat Daouk was a business tycoon in Lebanon. His net worth is estimated to be above $100 million USD. The visionary entrepreneur headed several departments, inside and outside Lebanon. 

The Izzat Daouk company has been delivering service for more than three decades. Furthermore, it has a total of six branches in Lebanon. The company is a top retailer, producer, and importer of hair and body care items for professionals and end consumers. With a retail presence in Lebanon, the company has many offices in Egypt. They are exporting products to more than 23 countries around the world. 

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