Juan Diego Botto And His Wife Olga Rodríguez Have Spent Decades Together With Ups And Downs

Juan Diego Botto wife Olga Rodríguez is a journalist and one of the co-founders of in 2012. Juan and Olga officially got married in 2017.

Botto is an Argentine-Spanish actor and director who started his acting career at five in the film “Juego de poder.” His role in the 1999 film “Sobrevivire” got him more national and international recognition.

His IMDB profile credits him with some of the essential roles in “La Celestina” (1996) and “1492: Conquest of Paradise” (1992), to name a few.

The talented actor has also worked as a stage director and playwright. He made his directorial debut in 2022 with the social drama-thriller “On the Fringe” (2022).

Cristina Rota’s son and Maria Botto’s brother have accomplished much in their professional lives. The lucky man is also blessed with a lovely family consisting of his beautiful wife and daughter.

Juan Diego Botto Partner Olga Is A Journalist

Juan Diego Botto wife Olga Rodriguez is a journalist and author specializing in international news. Olga is a co-founder of the online newspaper

Currently 47, she was born in Leon, Spain, on December 19, 1975. Her mother and father, journalists, attempted to talk her out of going her way. She resisted giving in, and at 17, she moved to Madrid to pursue a career in journalism.

Olga holds a licentiate degree in information sciences (journalism) from Madrid’s Complutense University (UCM).

The Leonese journalist is also an honorary recipient of the Pimentel Fonseca Prize 2018, an Italian prize that honors the winner’s dedication to fighting for human rights.

Her other awards include the 2014 Journalism and Human Rights Award from the Association for Human Rights of Spain and the Enfoque Award for her social commitment, the 2005 International Press Club Award for her television reports from Gaza and Ciudad Juarez, and the Turia Award for Best Journalist Work in 2003 for her work from Baghdad, to name a few.

Olga has experience working as a journalist in several countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Occupied Territories, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Kosovo, and Mexico. She spent ten years working at Cadena SER, Cuatro, and CNN+.

Moreover, as a writer, she has contributed to publications such as “Yo Muero Hoy,” “The Wet Man Is Not Afraid of the Rain: Voices from the Middle East,” and “Here Bagdad. Chronicle of a War.” She is also a co-author of “Jose Couso, the uncomfortable look” and the short essay “Karama, the Arab revolts.”

Juan And Olga Timeline Relationship

The power couple Juan and Botto have been able to keep their lovely marriage while maintaining their impressive careers.

Let’s take a closer look at their relationship, starting with how they initially connected and how things are now going.

The couple has been Together for Over a Decade

Although details about their first encounters and specific dates are unclear, the lovely duo has been together for a long time.

Olga rarely ever posts details about her personal life on her Instagram account, including information on her husband and children. Her social media accounts are primarily focused on her work life.

On the other hand, her partner Juan frequently updates photos with his life partner Olga.

On August 17, 2016, the actor uploaded an old couple photo to his Instagram account. He wrote, “13 years ago… We cool more now.” In that instance, it is reasonable to assume they had been dating since 2003.

They had a daughter before getting hitched in 2017

The “On the Fringe” star and his journalist partner Rodriguez were married secretly. They were already parents to their daughter Salma before their marriage.

The actor titled an Instagram photo of him and his daughter “Fatherhood” in 2014. His daughter was five years old at the time.

On August 8, 2017, Botto posted pictures of their feet and those of their then-8-year-old daughter Salma. A week later, he again shared a photo of their wedding ring with the caption, “This happened.”

Following that, the most adored pair received hundreds of comments and huge congratulations, including those from Olivia Molina, Leonor Waiting, Armando del Rio, Nathalie Poza, and others who work with them off-camera.

Juan Diego Always Remembers to wish his partner a happy birthday

Juan always wishes his better half a happy birthday on December 19. He posted a picture of his lovely partner in 2020, along with a message expressing his admiration for having her in his life.

He wrote, “Live everything intensely, and that’s why it matures but doesn’t age. And I have the immense fortune that he lets me share the journey by his side. “Happy birthday, soul mate, mate.”

The actor was once again seen sharing a sweet picture of him kissing his mistress on the head in 2017. Wishing her a birthday, he wrote, “Happy Birthday!!!! Coffee, toast, and happy birthday.”