Jurors Weep as Mom Details ‘Baby Grace’s’ Torturous Final Hours

Texas. In the past few hours, two-year-old Riley Anne Sawyers has collided with a belt, her skin turned black and blue and her hair has been repeatedly stuffed into a cold bowl. His mother spoke about his behavior throughout the training he taught her.

“Looks like it’s happening,” Kimberly Dunrner, Riley’s mother, said in the video. The testimony is the police on the first day of the death penalty, the first day after Riley’s death.

The prosecution began questioning investigators, who accepted Trina’s statement. She witnessed the assault on Riley as she resumed the trial on Wednesday, but accused her husband Royce Clyde Ziegler of the baby’s death.

The jury concluded Tuesday that Trenor had heard of Riley’s brutal death and that the autopsy had broken his head.

Trenor, 20, said the fracture occurred after the Zeigler outbreak. When the boy behaved better, Zygler was very upset and threw him violently into the living room and hit the tiles with his head.

“I never thought about what was going to happen,” the train said, after a four-hour statement.

But prosecutor Kayla Allen told the jury that Train and Zig were responsible when they tried to punish Le on July 25, 2007. Because of his death. Treynor confessed to police that Riley pushed her head into the water and hit her with a belt that day.

Alan said: “You should know … the result is this.” Said.

Alan said that after Riley’s murder, the couple bought plastic containers and filled the battered body. Go inside and store it in a warehouse, then throw it in Galveston Bay. After discovering and identifying the ashes, researchers called Riley “Baby Grace” in October 2007

. At the defense table, Trenor was crying as he saw the tape on the big screen. Seven women and some of the five jurors wiped away their tears.

Trenor told police that Riley and Ziegler met after learning of the online game “World of Warcraft” and that they were coming from Zeigler in June 2007. He arrived north of Houston in the spring.

Trenor said his new life in Texas was great at the start. But Ziegler was shocked and Riley didn’t listen to the adults and said “please” or “thank you”. He said the training course was his idea.

Trenor’s attorney, Tommy Stickler Jr. In his opening speech, he said his client had no intention of murdering his daughter and that the matter was simply “out of control.”

But Allen said that even though he had said to his mother “I love you” when Riley was shot, Trenor did nothing to save his daughter.

Treynor said he and Ziegler made up Riley’s story, which was filmed by officials from the Ohio Child Protection Agency to explain his disappearance to family members.

Trenor said that until September 2007, when he and Zeigler arrived in Galveston early in the morning, Riley’s body was kept in a container in the house’s warehouse. The next day they buried only a few of the concrete containers and did not bury them in the forest north of the house.

He said, but the courage did not diminish. The following month, a fisherman found him on a small island a kilometer from the shore.

Treynor said that after Legg’s death he wrote a letter stating that Ziegler attempted suicide and was “innocent of the crimes I had committed”.

Ziegler’s attorney, Neal Davis III, said Train was responsible for Riley’s death. Zeigler will try again later.

Cheryl Sawyers, a woman from Ohio, was a little girl until she saw a drawing of the painter’s daughter a few weeks ago and believed it was her nephew Riley, authorities searched and found his body.

If sentenced to death, Trenor could be sentenced to life in prison automatically without parole. The jury can also punish you with less offense.

Prosecutors declined to seek the death penalty for himself or for Zygler, 25. Because they believed they could not prove that the couple would be in danger in the future, it is a necessary condition for punishment.

Trenor and Zeigler were jailed in the Galveston County Jail for a deposit of $ 850,000.