Kristen Hager – Biography: 5 important facts

Kristen Hager is a popular television and film actress in Hollywood. Born in Canada, he has acted in several films and television series. Although Hager is a beautiful and charming woman, her work mostly depicts dark characters. A good example is the supernatural/horror TV series, Be Human . In the series, Kristen Hager plays the role of a nurse who turns into a werewolf. Other work includes the 2015 film, In the Embryo , where she plays the role of a drug addict with deep emotional issues. Hager also portrayed an insane killer in the 2009 film Leslie, My Name Is Evil .

Kristen Hager Biography

Kristen Hager was born on the 2nd of January 1982 in Red Lake, Ontario Province, Canada. Hager grew up in Red Lake, a gold mining town, and received her education at Red Lake District High School. She also received a college education from York University in Toronto, graduating in 2004. Hager was inspired to act by her mother, who was a high school drama teacher in her hometown. Her mother not only wrote and directed plays, but also made the costumes.

So Hager grew up surrounded by creativity and talent. Kristen Hager started her professional career after leaving school; a few weeks after graduation she got her first role. She made her professional debut in 2005 in the miniseries, Beach Girls , as well as the TV movie, The Perfect Christmas . Although Beach Girls was a limited series and didn’t last long, Hager gave a good account and started landing roles regularly. Since her professional debut, the Ontario native has appeared in many other films and television series.

5 important facts

1. Your career

Since her debut in 2005, Kristen Hager has appeared in at least 13 films and 23 TV series. They include A Little Zombie , The Right Kind of Wrong , Life , The Barber , Clara , Wanted , and more. Her TV series include Wild Roses , The Listener , CSI: Miami , Ties That Bind , NCIS: New Orleans , and Condor . One of Hager’s best-known films is the 2008 crime thriller, Wanted . The film starred stars like Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy.

In the film, Hager plays the cheating girlfriend of McAvoy, a young man who has been pressured into joining a secret society of professional assassins. Another notable work by Hager is the 2009 film Leslie, My Name is Evil. In the film, she plays the title role of Leslie, a follower of notorious serial killer Charles Manson. She eventually commits her own murders and is convicted for her crime. The film was Hager’s first leading role.

2nd family

The actress comes from a close-knit family of four. Her mother’s name is not publicly available, but her father’s name is John Hager. Her mother is Swedish and her father is Canadian. Hager also has a younger brother, but his name is not known. Despite her fame and celebrity status, Kristen Hager remains very close to her family and regularly celebrates them on social media. For example, she posted her parents’ wedding photo on Instagram on the 12th of June 2018 and wished them a happy 40th anniversary . Also on the 14th of May 2017, she wished her mother a Happy Mother’s Day Anniversary. Her brother isn’t left out in this show of affection either. She sent him a birthday shootout on the 12thth from June 2018.

3rd friend

Hager had a quiet love life, unlike otherother movie stars. She has never been romantically involved with any of her peers or any other ordinary guy. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that she is single. However, it is very likely that she is in a relationship but does not look it in the public eye. If that’s the case, you can’t blame her as public attention can be brutal at times.

4. Body Measurements

Kristen Hager is tall and slim built. She is 5ft 6in tall which converts to 1.68m. Her weight is given as 57 kg. Hager also has hazel eyes and blonde hair. Other additional body measurements are chest – 34 inches, waist – 27 inches and hips – 36 inches.

5. fortune

Kristen Hager has accumulated a fortunehalf a million dollars. Her main source of income is her successful acting career, during which she has been involved in over 40 projects. Although Hager is now rich and can afford a fantastic lifestyle, she remains a peasant girl through and through. Happiness for her is not a five-star resort, but a cottage in the forest near the lake.