Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Arjun decides to stay away from Preeta

Episode starts with Preeta inquires as to whether he said something. Arjun advises her that she needs to say thanks to him. She lets him know that he can come to house assuming he needs. He tells her that he has a significant gathering so he needs to leave. She goes into the house. Beeji and Janki gets cheerful seeing Preeta. Srishti says that she don’t seek unique treatment like Preeta. Preeta requests that she acknowledge that they adores her the most. Srishti sees her saree and she gets some information about it.

Preeta enlightens them concerning fire mishap. She opens the entryway hearing entryway thumping sound. She gets amazed seeing Arjun there. She asks him that what is he doing there. He tells her that he have something to tell. He shoves her to the side. He meets everybody. Preeta goes to make tea for everybody. He reviews the minutes he imparted to her ( Sunle gracious mahiya melody plays behind the scenes ). Beeji requests that Arjun sit. She advises Srishti to help Preeta however the last option rejects.

In the police headquarters, Prithvi asks attorney that for what valid reason the last option helped him. Legal counselor lets him know that it appears as though they met previously. Prithvi lets him know that, that is unrealistic. Sherlyn comes there. Prithvi acquaints Sherlyn with legal advisor. He tells her that now all will be great. Sherlyn turns his hand. He asks her that what’s going on with she. She chastens him for his bad behavior. He asks her that how might she believe that he did that.

She lets him know that police monitor told her beginning and end. He tells her that Arjun is behind everything. He says that he lost his telephone. She lets him know that she won’t confide in him. She requests that he decay there for what he did and leaves from that point. He shouts that why she came on the off chance that she didn’t orchestrate bail for him then, at that point. He discusses Karan and Preeta. Legal advisor discusses Preeta and Rishabh’s marriage. Prithvi asks him that how the last option knows Luthras.

Preeta offers tea to everybody. She asks Arjun that what is he doing there. Arjun says that he came to whine about her. He lets Beeji know that he saved Preeta however Preeta didn’t actually express gratitude toward him yet. He says that he needs more sugar. Preeta blends salt in his tea purposely. Srishti requests that Preeta say thanks to Arjun. Preeta requests that Arjun drink tea. Arjun drinks it. He lauds the tea. Preeta exclaims that she blended salt in his tea. Beeji chastens Preeta.

Sameer comes there. Arjun says that he will help them in party arrangements. He hits his head on the entryway accidentally. Preeta gives haldi milk to him however he won’t drink it. She treats him. He reviews the previous minutes and leaves from that point without saying anything. Beeji inquires as to whether the last option expressed anything to Arjun. Preeta shook her head.

In the mean time, Arjun reviews the dam episode. He likewise reviews the minutes Rishabh and Preeta shared. He lets himself know that his heart is his adversary. He says that he can’t care deeply about Preeta. He chooses to avoid Preeta. He believes that he can’t tell Preeta his character until he seeks his retribution.