Lil Zay Osama Arrested: Why Was Lil Zay Osama Arrested?

Rapper Lil Zay Osama has been arrested by the New York Police Department after leaving a machine gun inside an Uber. According to sources, he was arrested and held on bail after he left a loaded machine gun 22.40 caliber pistol in the car.

It was reported that he was picked up by the driver along with his acquaintances while he was holding a firearm, which he left in the car. The driver then called the police to report the issue to them. The police then investigated and went ahead to arrest the rapper. He was charged with possessing a firearm and also unlawfully having a firearm as a felon.

The firearm has a switch which is also known as auto sear device, attached, that allows the gun to fire up like a machine gun with a little effort.

Going back to one of his lyrics, Lil Zay Osama is known to be carrying this gun around most times.

Every day a different Glock. P***y boy know how I play,” he said.