Lisa Eldridge Husband Robin Derrick Is A Photographer

Lisa Eldridge husband Robin Derrick is a reputed photographer. Robin has worked with top portals like Vogue and Glamour.

The British fashion couple Lisa and Robin have been active in the beauty and fashion industry for decades.

Lisa has gained tremendous success and fame as a makeup artist, while Robin has also established himself among the top names as a fashion photographer and expert.

She gained interest in makeup at the age of only six and ultimately pursued a profound passion for cosmetics artistry during her teenage years. Eventually, she studied photographic makeup artistry after moving to London, and the lady hasn’t looked back ever since.

She rose to prominence following her work with model Cindy Crawford. Elle hired her for the work, and the two paired up multiple times, eventually bringing the artist’s talent with the cosmetics at her hands to a broader community.

Her work since then has been on the front pages of numerous top fashion magazines, including Vogue, Love, Allure, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar. However, few people know that her husband is also a prominent name in the fashion industry.

Lisa Eldridge Husband

Lisa Eldridge is a married woman who has been with her husband, Robin Derrick, for over fifteen years.

The couple tied the knot in 2007 after dating for a few years and have been living a blissful romance since then. Being from the fashion industry, both have a deeper understanding and similar interests, which have helped them maintain a happy married life for over a decade.

While the details are vague, Lisa and Robin met in their line of work for the first time and hit off instantly due to similar interests. The connection is still as rigid as ever since the two often attend various events and spend good moments together.

Robin Derrick Is A British Photographer

Robin Derrick is a British fashion, portrait, and still-life photographer. Besides, he also serves as the creative director of Vogue.

He kickstarted his career as a solo photographer after gaining interest in the field as a teenager. He got inspired by the photographs of the 1976 Diamond Jubilee copy of Vogue that he found in college.

Soon after, he developed a passion for photography and a creative instinct for fashion. Pursuing success with lenses in his hands, the man held his first solo photography exhibition in Paris in 2004.

He has also established himself as a prominent magazine director with creative insight. His editorial works have been a part of numerous top publications such as Vogue, GQ, 10 Magazine, and Dolce Vita.

Similarly, he has an extended list of advertising clientele, with some significant names being Giorgio Armani, Rimmel, and Monsoon. The photographer has co-edited three photography books and has racked up two PPA Magazine Designer of the Year Awards.

Lisa Eldridge Belongs To The Business Family

Lisa Eldridge comes from a business family, where both she and her husband are operating respective businesses.

She sells various cosmetic products from her website Lisa Eldridge Beauty. Several global celebrities include Dua Lipa, Gwendoline Christie, Milly Alcock, Elizabeth Olsen, Ncuti Gatwa, and Emma Stone.

On the other hand, her husband, Robin, is the founder and CEO of MyBeautyBrand Plc. He works as the creative director of Lisa Eldridge Beauty.

Lisa Eldridge Children

Lisa has two children, Luke and George, in her family. George is her biological son, while Luke is her spouse’s son from his previous relationship.

George was born in 1999 and is 23 years old. Similarly, her other son Luke is 25 years old. While their names and ages are well described, the same can not be said about their professional background.

The younger son has taken a liking to photography, but the details are quite vague. Lisa and Robin have been quite secretive about their private life and do not like to open up much about it.

Lisa Eldridge Parents

Lisa was born to her parents in New Zealand. Her father was from New Zealand, while her mother is from England.

They met for the first time in Liverpool and married only after five meetings, as Lisa revealed in an interview with Red Online. After the wedding, they returned to New Zealand, where the make-up artist was born.

However, her parents separated when she was only five, and Lisa returned to England with her mother. On the other hand, her father remarried and had two children from the new union.

In the interview, Eldridge revealed that her dad got cancer in his 50s and is no longer alive.