Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin’s Botox And Lip Filler: Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos Explored!

Carol Deirdre McGiffin is a famous English radio and television broadcaster. She writes a column for Best Mag Official and is on the show Loose Women.

Likewise, she also plays a part in the Global podcast Player.

Carol McGriffin, one of the Loose Women panelists, debuted with a ‘new look’ on today’s show. In that look, the viewers could notice her huge lips and cheeks, which were relatively big compared to her usual face.

Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin’s Botox And Lip Filler

Carol McGiffin has not undergone botox and lip filler as per Mirror. The picture accentuating her lips and face swelling could be seen surfacing on the web.

And, it is found that she just used a filter from mobile apps and has not done anything to her face like that. Well, she, along with the other panelist on the news show, discussed non-surgical cosmetic procedures, like lip fillers.

And Carol was trying to see what she would look like with a face full of fillers; thus, she used an Instagram face filter. And the photos surely shocked her and her viewers as well. The journalist also admitted that the excessive and over-the-touch look was really disturbing. She also added that it is done by an app or a filter or something that her friend used when he came over to stay to see what she would look like if she went too far.

She also expressed her worry about seeing young people aspiring to look like that or undergoing surgeries to achieve such a look and not appreciating the real beauty.

Furthermore, McGriffin also noted that there should be more regulation. And she feels that people should have an age limit and consultations to ensure they haven’t got any dysmorphia.

Carol McGiffin Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos

Carol McGiffin has gone through surgery before on the face, and her then and after plastic surgery photos could also be seen on the web.

She did mastectomy in 2014, which is the surgical removal of one or both breasts, partially or entirely, to treat breast cancer. After her mastectomy around eight years ago, she announced she had reconstructive surgery in 2016. It is a procedure that restores the body after an injury; after a disease, it corrects the defects you were born with.

It’s not that Carol has not done anything to her face before; she has gone through surgery.

Fans Suspect Carol McGiffin Has Done Facelift

Carol McGiffin previously has done a facelift surgery as per Metro. This is a cosmetic surgery procedure done on the face and neck to give a more youthful facial appearance and minimize or eliminate the signs of aging.

Previously, she reportedly even talked about being addicted to Botox and considering a facelift considering her growing age.

The Loose Women star has always been open and unsecretive about undergoing a facelift. During that time, she explained that she did it to help reclaim ownership of herself, thus admitting that she did it to make herself look and feel better.