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Lucas edwards, better known as “frozen”Name Online is an American influencer and Internet personality with over 5 million total online subscribers who have primarily gained prominence on TikTok where he has over 4 million subscribers. It is listed in “Kentucky’s Top 10 Social Media Stars” with Anthony Reeves.

Fast facts

Last name

Lucas Andrew Edwards

Born June 13, 2000
Age 20 years
Place of birth Lexington, Kentucky
Occupation Internet personality, social star


Lucas Edwards (icycol) was born June 13, 2000 in Lexington Kentucky. His birth name is Lucas Andrew Edwards, but he is widely known as icycool by name online.

He was interested in playing basketball and traveling from a young age.



Lucas Edwards (icycol)Social Media’s journey began with apps like Vine. He learned these platforms and developed techniques to attract followers and more importantly; he learned to keep them engaged enough to stay.

Digital creativity

It has produced a rare form of digital creativity and it has set it apart from other users. Lucas quickly became infatuated with seeing the growth in the number and level of engagement of his accounts. He began to watch his pages slowly progress. Lucas’ sequel has grown by continually displaying its pioneering nature. To sharpen his skills, he became a student of YouTube. There he learned methods that advanced his video and editing skills. Lucas owned multiple Instagram accounts, where he would upload different forms of content. In an effort to maintain consistency, Lucas posts on these pages every day. As Lucas’s enjoyable accounts received extremely high levels of engagement, he began to gain credibility on social media.


Due to his excellent works, he has become a much sought-after designer. Lucas has become a video editor for several verified sports accounts. NBA and NFL athletes not only became fans of his work, but reposted it to share on their feeds as well. There are class levels in the social media arena, and this direct celebrity recognition has carried Lucas Andrew Edwards, an elite social media influencer.


In 2015, his multiple Instagram pages became a place of monetization, so he sold all of his accounts. At this point, Lucas was a master in the video curation path; so he brought his talents to the sensational TikTok. At first, Lucas joined the crowd and started making comedy videos on the platform. The moment he parted ways showcasing his true individuality as a trailblazer and started telling stories, his account exploded. It started to count on average between 30 and 40,000 subscribers per day! Today, Lucas’s TikTok account averages 7-14 million views per day and has a total of 2.2 million subscribers.


Lucas’ social media presence is incessant. He has an unmatched enthusiasm to keep learning and stay one step ahead. Lucas is currently building his YouTube channel and working on similar projects that coincide with his digital greatness. Lucas is the crown jewel of social media and lays the foundation for what should be his long-standing legacy.

Did you know…

  • Lucas Edwards (icycol)TikTok has over 4.5 million followers.
  • Lucas Edwards (icycol) is listed in “Kentucky’s Top 10 Social Media Stars” with Anthony Reeves.
  • Before starting his online career, he was very interested in Internet exploration.