Maggie Fox Actress Wikipedia & Biography, Shameless & Corrie Actor Passed Away From An Accident

Shameless and Coronation Street Maggie Fox tragically died in a sudden accident. Here is what we know about the unfortunate incident and the actress. 

Maggie Fox was an American actress known for her roles in a long-running ITV soap. The close source confirmed the unfortunate demise of Shameless and Coronation Street star, Fox.

The family and the loved ones are heartbroken with the news of her death. Fox’s longtime friend, Sue Ryding released a statement on Facebook revealing she passed away yesterday while surrounded by her family.

She also mentioned that the family is completely in a “state of shock” due to the unfortunate incident. Sue continued to mention that the Spring Tour of Chateau Ghoul has been canceled.

Is Shameless And Coronation Street Maggie Fox On Wikipedia?

The well-known actress of TV soap Maggie Fox has yet to appear on the official Wikipedia website.

Fox appeared in Coronation Street on four occasions. Her first debut in the show was as a nurse in the 1990s.

She had a four decades-long acting career in the entertainment industry. Apart from being an actor, she was also co-Artistic Director of the theatre company LipService.

Fox was the co-founder of the company with her university friend Sue Ryding in 1985. They together wrote 22 original comedies, toured all over the world, and managed to build a wide audience base.

Maggie met Sue when they were in a drama school at Bristol University in the 1970s.

How Old Was Maggie Fox?

The exact birth details of Maggie Fox have yet to come. Meanwhile, she has been working with her comedy partner for 40 years.

Though being the entertainment industry, she was known to keep her personal details far from the spotlight.

Maggie Fox Died Tragically In A Car Accident

The longtime friend of Maggie Fox, Sue Ryding confirmed the news of her demise due to an accident. However, the details of the accident have yet to be revealed to the public outlets.

The family of Fox is currently in a state of shock due to the unfortunate loss of the actress. Her family, friends, and well-wishers from across the country have been paying tribute to Fox on social media.