Makeup Schools in Lagos: The Top 10

Lagos is center of excellence and you can only expect the best from here. The city is dotted with several top class make-up schools. If you are looking for a place to learn how to do beauty make-up in Lagos, you have come to the perfect source of information in this regard.  Below, the top 10 makeup schools in Lagos will be highlighted

House of Tara

This is undoubtedly one of the best you can ever find in Lagos. They offer one of the best teaching methods on make-up in Lagos. They are located in several parts of Lagos, like Ikeja, Yaba and VI. They can be located online at


They too are leading make-up in Lagos.  They have made name for themselves since they started operation. Their students are among the best in the industry.  They have their make-up institution located at John Street Ikeja, Ikoyi and Dolphin Estate.  Their website is at

Lise Beauty Range

It is owned Eni Lisa. She is a make-up artists certified in the U.S. She offers several forms of training, both private and general. Her institution is located at Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.  Aside the institution at Ikoyi, she has several other make-up institutions in various parts of Lagos State. Company website is at


This is a leading make-up school no doubt.  The make—up school is of top quality and graduates from the school have made impacts in the industry.  They are among the most popular make-up institutions in Lagos State and they have their headquarters at Ikoyi, Lagos State. Company website is at


They have been around for quite a while and many make-up artists have graduated from the school.  The institution provides highly stylish services and they have special touch that makes them distinct.  They offer some of the cheapest make-up trainings in Lagos and their students will get top value for money. Their website is at

House of Glamour

They include creativity in their make-up training.  They are located at Lekki, Lagos State. They are excellent in service delivery too. Their website is at


Full meaning of MUD is make-Up Designatory.  They started operation in 2001. Up to 800 professional make-up artists have graduated from this make-up institution. They are located at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos state. They equally have another branch at Yaba, Lagos State. Their website is at

Evolve Make-Up

It is among the very first make-up institution to be established in Lagos.  Their equipments are classic and their students are experts in the industry.  Their website is at

Elo Make-Up

If you want the best and affordable make-up education in Lagos State, Elo is the best to look out for.  They have their institution in several locations, both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Their main school is located at Ikeja, Lagos State.