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Maria Allred Biography

Maria Allred is an award-winning filmmaker and recent film Fatale. Allred took on an impressive number of roles in her debut feature film, The Texture of Falling. The roles included being a writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and art director, “taking auteur theory to the next level” according to critic James Berardinelli.

Maria Allred Age|Nationality

Her specific date and year of birth is currently unknown and will be updated as soon as we get to hear about it. We only know that Maria was born in Chicago in the U.S.A. and is therefore of American nationality and of White ethnicity. The filmmaker is currently residing in Portland, Oregon.

Maria Allred Spouse|Dating|Is She Married or Divorced?

Maria seems very secretive about her relationship status, details about it are not yet known. Detailed information about her dating affairs or her having a boyfriend, husband or kids are not yet available and will be updated as soon as we get to hear from her or from other relevant sources.

Maria Allred Family

She seems very lowkey about her personal life and tries to keep her family away from the spotlight. Details about her parents or siblings are not yet known and will be updated as soon as we get to hear from them.

Maria Allred Education

Since childhood, Maria has passionately studied painting, poetry, philosophy, creative non-fiction, and various forms of dance. In addition, she has for eight years participated in Jungian-based process groups with author Paul Levy. Not coincidentally, her filmmaking-strongly informed by visual art, music, philosophy, and movement-is poetic, symbolic, and visually driven. She received her BS in Liberal Studies, Film Focus, from Portland State University.

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Maria Allred Career

Allred is intrigued by pushing cinematic expression into new terrains while also keeping the audience thoroughly entertained. She is in development for her second feature, The Watcher’s Game (principle production 2020), and is shooting a short film, Little Nations, in North Chicago, summer of 2019.

Maria Allred Net worth

As of 2019, her estimated net worth is currently under review and will be updated as soon as possible. Detailed information about her property, cars she owns, airplanes, luxuries, houses, the monthly/yearly salary are also not yet given and will be updated as soon as we get to hear from them or from other sources.

Maria Allred Inspiration

Allred is inspired by striking, often humorous, moments where it seems that mundane life conspires to transcend the common perceptual duality of bad and good, the fear of death, and the weighted struggle for mere survival to unveil the poetry of existence.

She finds inspiration in philosophy, painting, and visual art history, those having been her primary focus in her academic and personal studies for many years. Maria has also been involved in dance and the movement arts since my teens, and consequently am inspired greatly by music, rhythm, and the corporeal immediacy of live performance.

Maria Allred Trivia

The film which was premiered at the Marbella International Film Festival (Spain), where Maria was nominated Best Director, then went on to a theatrical release across four major U.S. cities. Prior to directing her feature, Allred had three short films with television premieres on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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