Maria Cantwell Salary: How Much Does Maria Cantwell Earn?

Maria Cantwell has never revealed the actual salary she earns. Hence it is unknown how much she earns.

Maria Ellen Cantwell is an American politician and former businesswoman serving as the junior United States Senator from Washington since 2001.

She was born on October 13, 1958, in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Cantwell’s father, Paul Cantwell, served as county commissioner, city councilor, state legislator, and chief of staff for U.S. Representative Andrew Jacobs Jr. he was the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Indianapolis in 1979. Her mother, Rose, was an administrative assistant. Her ancestry includes Irish and German.

Cantwell graduated from Miami University before moving to Seattle to work on Alan Cranston’s 1984 presidential campaign. In 1986, she was elected to the state House of Representatives, where she served until her election to Congress in 1992.

Cantwell served one term in Congress before losing her seat to Republican Rick White in the 1994 election. She then briefly worked in the private sector as vice president of marketing for RealNetworks.

In 2006, it emerged that court files concerning a loan Cantwell made in 2001 to her former boyfriend, boss, and campaign manager, lobbyist Ron Dotzauer, to help him through his divorce litigation, had been sealed.

Cantwell was also formerly in a relationship with Seattle-based ex-sprinter Scott Daggatt, then serving as a stockbroker of a Seattle-based National Securities Corporation.

On December 4, 2009, the day that 22-year-old Washingtonian Amanda Knox was wrongly convicted by an Italian court of the murder of Meredith Kercher, Cantwell released a statement expressing her dismay at the verdict.

Owing to a sharp decrease in the value of her RealNetworks stock, Cantwell’s fortune had declined significantly by 2011.