Marilee Fiebig Holmes Parents Are Pauline Fiebig And William Fiebig

Marilee Fiebig Holmes parents William Fiebig and Pauline Fiebig are residents of the United States. Marilee Fiebig Holmes was the first child born in 1977.

Marilee with her family moved to the United States when she was just 5 years old because her mother always wanted her daughters to take advantage of the education system that she didn’t have growing up in Africa.

Pauline decision to provide her kids the best educational support started Marilee’s interest in the field of law, and being an Immigrant she saw the tedious process her family went through and decided to become an immigration lawyer.

She is married to TJ Holmes since 2010 and they also have a daughter together.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Parents Are From African Descent

Marilee Fiebig Holmes parents gave her all the necessary support to improve her education.

Marilee has an impressive educational background as she graduated from the University of Michigan before finishing her law degree at Vanderbilt University Law School.

Her interest in the field of law started when she saw her mom go through the immigration process and have dual nationality at that time and saw the difficulty her mother faced during that time.

Moreover, her dad is the senior technical advisor in climate-smart agriculture and has a lot of experience always told her daughter Marilee to pursue her education and be the best at what she does. Her parents are proud to have a daughter who specialized in Immigration law, which they think is very important to the community and is doing a very good job at it.

Although she has an impressive background due to her career Marilee is facing a lot of controversies due to cheating allegations made by her husband.

Also, she kept her Instagram private immediately after the news surfaced and hasn’t been active on social media since then.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Father Has Four Decade Of Experience In Farming System

Marilee Fiebig Holmes father William Fiebig is a farming systems agronomist with over four decades of experience.

William has expertise in climate-smart smallholder homestead farming systems in Africa, where he offers technical support for sustainable intensification, according to her LinkedIn profile.

One of his major accomplishments is their more than 15 years of experience working with both official and informal seed systems. He has created and carried out rural development projects.

He has contributed to teams that developed programs and projects and evaluated their effectiveness for USAID. He has also created long-term planning documents and analytical studies in climate-smart agriculture for DFID’s Climate Smart Agriculture Programme for Eastern and Southern Africa.

He has recently started working as a consultant in climate-smart agriculture as an independent contractor and is working hard because he thinks Africans are in a good position to use climate-smart agriculture to lessen the consequences of climate change on their ecosystems.

William’s first position was as a Rural Development Specialist in 1975, following three years of service in the Peace Corps when he helped smallholder farmers establish fish farms by establishing a trial fish culture program.

Since his first job in 1975 till present he has done a lot of work in farming system and half of his life have already been dedicated working in the same field.