Maryanne Trump Barry siblings: Meet Elizabeth Trump Grau, Robert Trump, Fred Trump, Jr. & Donald Trump

A Family Portrait

Maryanne Trump Barry, the distinguished retired judge and sister of former President Donald Trump, was part of a notable family that played a significant role in American business and politics.

Elizabeth Trump Grau

Elizabeth Trump Grau, born in 1942, is the only living sibling of both former President Donald Trump and Maryanne Trump Barry. At the age of 81 as of 2023, Elizabeth’s life has been marked by achievements in education and family. She graduated from the Kew-Forest School and Southern Seminary College in Buena Vista, Virginia.

Elizabeth Trump Grau is married to James Grau, a TV and movie producer, and their union has been without children. Her life reflects a balance of family and personal pursuits, contributing to the diverse experiences within the Trump family.

Robert Trump

Robert Stewart Trump (August 26, 1948 – August 15, 2020) was an American businessman and investor, known as the younger brother of former U.S. President Donald Trump. His life was dedicated to business and management, particularly as the president of Trump Management in the years leading up to his passing.

Robert Trump’s dignified and quiet demeanor set him apart, and he was comfortable in his role as Donald Trump’s brother while maintaining his own identity. His marriages to Ann Marie Pallan and Blaine Trump added personal dimensions to his life. Robert Trump passed away at the age of 71 in New York City, leaving a legacy of business acumen and familial bonds.

Fred Trump Jr.

Fred Trump Jr., born on October 14, 1938, was the oldest son of Fred Trump Sr. and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. His life took a different trajectory from the family’s real estate business when he chose to become an airline pilot. Fred Trump Jr. faced challenges and complications related to alcoholism, leading to his passing on September 26, 1981, at the age of 42. Despite his struggles, he remains an integral part of the Trump family history.

Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, born on June 14, 1946, is perhaps the most well-known member of the Trump family. Serving as the 45th President of the United States from 2017 to 2021, Donald Trump’s life journey began in Queens, New York City. His education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance laid the foundation for a successful career in real estate development.

Donald Trump’s fame extended beyond business into the realm of media, where he hosted the reality TV show “The Apprentice” for over a decade. His foray into politics culminated in a successful presidential campaign in 2016. As president, he was known for controversial policies and statements, shaping the political landscape during his term.