Meet Gillian Cribbins, Wife Of Bernard Cribbins – Doctor Who Actor Dies At 93

Gillian Cribbins’ veteran actor partner had starred in Carry OnDoctor Who, and the 1970 film The Railway Children. 

Likewise, he had starred in hundreds of dramas and movies, thus entertaining his audience.

She has gained public focus following the death of Bernard Cribbins at age 93. He had worked into his 90s, having beaten a triple heart bypass, prostate cancer, and a spinal injury.

Meet Bernard Cribbins’ Wife, Gillian Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins’ wife, Gillian Cribbins, passed away in October 2021.

Well, the actor lost his beloved significant partner just months before his death. Following the death of Bernard, some people have also written that Gillian Cribbin reunited with the wife he treasured so dearly.

More on them, Gillian married her husband Bernard in the year 1955, and the couple walked down the aisle a year before Bernard’s breakthrough in a TV adaptation of David Copperfield. They had been married for 66 years until her death took them apart.

She left the world and her better half of nearly 70 years last year, and her death of her has undoubtedly made a huge impact on the actor as it would be hard to digest the news and heartbroken of losing the beloved wife of 66 years for anyone.

Mrs. Cribbins has been mentioned as the great love of Bernard Cribbins by several online portals. In 2013, she was spotted making a public appearance with Bernard when the latter received a Heritage Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

As per Mr. Davies, Bernard loved Gillian with all his heart and mentioned her in every conversation. The actor called his relationship with his partner Gill a ‘love story for the ages.’

We found that the couple lived in Surrey, the UK, and the pair were devoted to each other.

It is also learned that when Bernard chatted about their wedding day for his autobiography, he talked for hours and didn’t want the conversation to end.

Gillian Cribbins Children And Family

Gillian Cribbins shares no children with her partner Bernard.

It is not that they did not want to have kids or anything, but the two were eager to welcome the kids of their blood and the fruit of their love. Sadly, the series of miscarriages led the couple to be childless.

According to the online sources, Cribbins had no children, and they have suffered the heartbreak of miscarriages multiple times, thus resulting in the couple without offspring.

When asked about the children, Gillian’s public figure husband would say that his work on the movie and other hits helped him cope with the grief of not having kids.

Despite the absence of children in their life, the Cribbins couple led a blissful marriage life of over six decades with just a family of two.

Gillian Cribbins Net Worth In 2022

Gillian Cribbins’s net worth before his death is estimated to be over $1 million per online site.

According to UK Talent, the average salary earned by actors in the United Kingdom is £26,000 per year or £13.33 per hour.

And it is also found that the entry-level positions start at £21,333 per year, whereas the most experienced workers earn up to £53,063 per year. So being an experienced actor, Cribbins might have earned 50k pounds.