Meet Miya Marcano Parents: Father Marlon Marcano and Mother Suling Marcano

Miya Marcano Parents are desperately searching for her. Stay with us to know more about her.

Miya was last seen on Arden Villas Boulevard on 24th September 2021 around 5 pm. She used to work in the Leasing Department at the complex where she lived.

The young miss is described as a black woman standing at a height of 4ft 9 inches. She posses brown hair and green eyes and weighs about 130 pounds.

Meet Miya Marcano Parents and Family

Miya Marcano was supposed to fly to her parents to For Lauderdale. But sadly she never makes it there.

Miya has just reached the age of 19 years old. Her family lovingly calls her Mimi. She was the only daughter and is considered a princess by her Aunt.

Armando Manuel Caballero was the main suspect in the kidnapping of Miya. But he was found dead in his own apartment.

John Mina, the sheriff of Orange County reported that Cabellero took his own life. He was a maintenance worker in the apartment where Miya lived and expressed romantic feelings for her.

The officials found a master key that was supposedly used by Cabellero to enter Miya’s flat. The arrest warrant for him was issued for burglary.

Marcano’s brother shared on his Facebook that he just had dinner with his sister last Thursday. And there was nothing amiss about her.

The Caribbean Soca community has come together and has rallied to raise awareness on her missing news. Many people from the community are close friends with her dad.

DJ Eternal Vibed Marlon Marcano is the Father of Miya Marcano

Marlon Marcano is the famous father of Miya Marcano. He goes by his stage name DJ Eternal Vibes and is based in Florida.

Marcano shared a picture of her daughter which was last taken when she disappeared. He further revealed that there were signs of struggle in her Apartment and might be in possible danger right now.

Marlon became worried about Mia after knowing that she never boarded the flight. He also talked to officials regarding her disappearance on Saturday.

Marcano along with his wife traveled to Orlando after filing the missing report of her. We can follow him on his Instagram account where he shares further updates on the missing case of his daughter.

Who is Miya Marcano Mather? Suling Marcano

Giselle Suling Marcano is the mother of Miya Marcano. She is popularly known as The Wassie One.

Miss Marcano is the bandleader, Radio personality, and also a Cultural Ambassador for the Caribbean. She has her ancestry from Trinidadian parents.

Wassi has been leading The Wassi Ones in Miami Broward One Carnival since the age of 14 years old.

Giselle can be found on Instagram under the username @thewassione. She has constantly been posting about her missing daughter to get more leads from social media.