Michael Cohen Children: Meet Samantha Blake Cohen, Jake Ross Cohen

Michael Dean Cohen a convicted felon and disbarred lawyer. Michael has two children Samantha Blake Cohen and Jake Ross Cohen with his wife.

Samantha graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018, according to her LinkedIn profile. Samantha says on her profile that she is “looking for job opportunities.”

Between 2014 and 2018, she attended the Ivy League school. Samantha was a member of the Tabard Society, one of the university’s non-Greek sororities.

According to a Shape Magazine feature, Samantha climbed Mount Kilimanjaro when she was 17 years old to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Samantha is described as a straight-A student in the 2013 article, which was written while she was in high school. Samantha used to be an avid figure skater, as well as a jazz and ballet dancer.

Michael Cohen’s son Jake Ross will graduate from the University of Miami in 2022, according to his Instagram.