Milena Tscharntke – Biography, Heritage, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships

Milena Tscharntke- Biography

Milena Tscharntke is a well-known, young, hard-working German actress, model and influencer. She has appeared in several successful and blockbuster films in both the German and American film industries, including Isy Way Out in 2018 and Skam Germany again in 2018. Tscharntke is currently busy promoting her new smartphone, THE PRIVILEGE. She has received numerous medals and titles in recognition of her contributions and excellent skills.

Milena Tscharntke- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Milena Tscharntke was born on April 3, 1996 and will be 26 years old in the year 2022. Her birth name, as given to her by her parents at the time of her birth, is Milena Tscharntke, but her close friends, family members, and fans refer to her as she affectionately as Milly. She was born in Hamburg, Germany to German parents and has been a German citizen since her birth.

For those who believe in astrology, your zodiac sign or birth sign is Aries because you were born in April. She is of white ethnicity and practices Christianity as her exclusive faith. She spent much of her childhood in Hamburg, Germany, with her family and close friends of hers.

When it comes to her parents, her father’s name is unknown and her mother’s name is Andrea Ludke. Her father was a professional surgeon who worked in a private hospital.

She also had a dog that was more than a member of the family to her. She was called Cookie Kimmy, but she tragically passed away in 2019. It was a difficult period for everyone, especially Milena. In terms of siblings, she has a younger sister named Lotte Tscharntke.


Regarding education, Milena Tscharntke completed her secondary education at the Carl-von-Ossietzky Gymnasium in Germany. Also, due to her occupation, she cannot talk about her education, college or studies. We know that she likes to read, but she never mentions it. We also don’t know where she received her diploma or what subject she majored in.

Milena Tscharntke- Relationship, Boyfriend

To begin with, nothing is known about Milena Tscharntke’s personal life because, as stated above, she is a very private and lonely person. She does not allow many individuals to come into her inner group. She also values ​​her privacy and does not want her private concerns and personal matters to become news or headlines.

Her name has not been associated with any notable individuals and she is rumored to be single. She values ​​long-term relationships and deep love over casual encounters. She is essentially a traditional mistress.

Milena Tscharntke- Professional Career

As for her acting career, Milena Tscharntke made her debut in the entertainment sector with the German television series Stubbe-Von Fall Zu Fall, in which she played the role of Lisa.

As stated earlier, his most recent movie “The Privilege” is currently in theaters and he is actively promoting it. This movie is directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and co-directed by Katharina Schode, both of whom are quite brilliant. They are some of the best known figures in the entertainment industry. He has also appeared in movies like Jungle Child, Bernd das Brot, Leipzig Homicide, Der Lehrer Sturmfrei and many others.

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