Mimi Parker Passed Away At The Age Of 55

Mimi Parker, a longtime member of the indie rock band Low, died on November 5 at the age of 55. She passed away after a lengthy struggle with ovarian cancer. Alan Sparhawk, her spouse, and bandmate broke the tragic news. On Instagram, the band also paid homage to her, writing:

“Friends, it’s difficult to put the universe into words and a brief note, but she died last night, surrounded by family and affection, including yours.” Keep her name near to your heart and sacrosanct. Share this moment with someone who needs your assistance. The most essential thing is, certainly, love. – Alan”

Low was originally a trio from 1993 until 2020, with four different bassists throughout. Mimi has been a member of the band since its inception.

Mimi Parker was diagnosed with cancer In 2020.

Mimi Parker died of ovarian cancer on Saturday. She was first diagnosed with the condition in 2020. She even mentioned it earlier this year on the Sheroes Radio show, saying that when individuals are diagnosed with such issues, they wonder why it had to be them. She continued, stating that she had never asked herself the same questions since they occurred at random:

“Our time is limited, so what do we do with the time we have?” “We aim to make every day count.”

The band delayed a few European gigs in August 2022 to allow Parker to get treatment and announced last month that the European tour had been canceled outright. The band said on social media that recent discoveries and modifications in therapy have made prolonged travel impractical. They went on:

“We are hopeful that she will react to new therapies and be able to perform at the performances we have planned for the autumn, including the Water is Life festival in Duluth on September 4.” We apologize for the inconvenience caused by ticket rescheduling and travel expenses/changes. As we hope and pray for you all, we appreciate your good hopes and prayers. Thank you so much, peace. – Low.”

Mimi Parker was a Low drummer, singer, and songwriter.

Mimi Parker was born in Minnesota and reared in a musical household. Mimi’s mother used to be a country singer. In an interview with Terry Gross for Fresh Air in 2005, she said that her duty was to come up with harmonies since she and her sister used to sing the lead. Mimi said that she learned to listen and create harmonies from the beginning. She used to be a part of her high school marching band, where she played the drums. Mimi Parker first met Alan Sparhawk in fourth grade, and they began dating in junior high. A few years later, the couple married, and Alan created Low with bassist John Nichols. In an interview with NPR last year, Parker stated:

“Honestly, if it hadn’t been for the marriage, for the family… we would never have lasted as a band this long.”

Low’s first album, I Could Live in Hope, was published in 1994, and they have since followed up with albums such as Long Division, I Could Live in Hope, Secret Name, Kranky, Trust, and others.

Twitter users pay tribute

Mimi Parker rose to prominence as a member of Low throughout the years. When word of her death spread, Twitter was inundated with tributes: