Missouri Senate Race: Who Is Lucas Kunce? Wikipedia Bio -Everything To Know

Despite being a US senate candidate and a former marine officer, Lucas Kunce is not mentioned on Wikipedia yet. People are curious about his age and married life. 

Lucas Kunce is an American politician and former military personality who is currently all over the media and web.

Currently running for the US Senate in Missouri, for the upcoming elections happening in November 2022, Lucas has gained a lot of popularity.

Also, he is a National Security Expert, Antitrust Advocate, and most importantly, a 13-Year Marine Veteran who has fought in Afghanistan and Iran.

Indeed, one of the reasons for his current and sudden fame is not just his senate candidacy, but also, his recent statements regarding the case of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Hence, people are interested to find out who he is and this has led to increased curiosity in his personal life.

Indeed, concerns regarding his Wikipedia, age, wife, net worth, and related matters are at their peak, when it comes to public curiosity and attention.

Who Is Lucas Kunce From Missouri? Everything on his age and Wikipedia Bio

The age of Missouri Senate candidate Lucas Kunce is 38 years old.

He was born on October 6, 1982, in Missouri, United States.

Lucas joined the US marine force when he was just 24 and he served for more than 13 years there.

In that time, he spent many years in Afghanistan and Iran, and as per his latest statement, he even met and talked to the Taliban.

After ending his military career with a 13-year-long marine journey, he has now decided to get into politics.

Indeed, as mentioned, he is the candidate for the US senate of Missouri and is actively running his campaigns right now.

Well, in just 38 years of his life, he has gained a lot of experience and popularity as a server of the States.

Lucas Kunce Net Worth: How Rich is the Senate candidate?

Lucas Kunce has a net worth of more than $500,000.

He worked as a marine officer for 13 years, and as per the anticipated salary by the statistics, he earned over $90k a year.

Hence, in these years, he has certainly gathered a net worth of about half a million dollars.

Lucas Kunce Wife: Is He Married?

Lucas Kunce is most certainly married and he even has kids.

Indeed, it is his kids that have made people believe that he is married.

However, there is no information regarding who his wife is. He has stated in his Instagram handle that he is a father, meaning he does have a wife.

But still, while looking more at his social media, we did not find any hint of who his wife might be.