Monica Lewinsky Biography, Net Worth, Weight Loss, Age, Height, Education, Family

Monica Lewinsky may not have the talents of Marilyn Monroe, but she, however, joins the late model and singer in being among the select few women to have had sex with a sitting US president. The former White House intern, who became synonymous with the Bill Clinton administration due to their relationship, is now an activist, TV personality and fashion designer. Read on to learn more about his family, education, and career.

Monica Lewinsky Bio (Age and Education)

Monica Samille Lewinsky was born on July 23, 1973 in San Francisco, Northern California, but grew up in the southern part of the state, the affluent Brentwood area of ​​Los Angeles to be exact. She was educated there, first attending the Sinai Akiba Religious Academy and then the John Thomas Dye School in Bel-Air. For her high school education, Lewinsky was enrolled at Beverly Hills High School where she studied until her senior year before transferring to Bel Air Prep.

After graduating in 1991, Lewinsky enrolled in a two-year community college in Santa Monica while working in the drama department at her old high school. After completing the two-year program in 1993, she transferred to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where she was able to qualify for a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Having graduated, Monica Lewinsky was able to use family ties to land an unpaid summer internship at the White House in the office of Leon Panetta, a former member of the California House of Representatives who served as the House’s chief of staff. Blanche under President Bill Clinton. Upon completion of this internship, Lewinsky was able to land another position, this time a paid position in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. She held this position for a few months; From December 1995 to April 1996, before her superiors transferred her to the Pentagon for what would have been her unusual friendship with President Clinton.

At the Pentagon, Lewinsky became an assistant to Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon. She held this position until December 1997, after which it was revealed that she was having sex with Clinton. This made Monica Lewinsky a household name as she was included in the investigation against the President for land use agreements he made as Governor of Arkansas as well as possible perjury and bribery of perjury in another civil sexual harassment case brought by former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones.

Lewinsky’s affair with Clinton has made him famous, even if it raises legal issues of his own. She was eventually granted full immunity in exchange for her testimony against the president. By the time the ordeal was fulfilled, Monica Lewinsky was in debt around her neck due to her legal fees and high cost of living.

In 2005, nearly a decade after her case made headlines around the world, Lewinsky enrolled at the London School of Economics where she earned a Master of Science in social psychology.

Net value

Monica Lewinsky is said to have a net worth of around $500,000. She was able to earn money through sponsorship deals with various companies, television appearances, as well as a book deal and sales of her collection of designer handbags.

His family

Monica Lewinsky comes from a wealthy Jewish family. His father, Bernard Lewinsky, is the son of German Jews who traveled to the United States via El Salvador. He is a board-certified radiation oncologist and Fellow of the American College of Radiology while directing the West Hills Radiation Therapy Center.

On the other hand, his mother, Marcia KayVilensky, who is content with Marcia Lewis, is the daughter of Lithuanian and Russian Jews. She is an author who is best known for writing the gossip biography, The Private Lives of the Three Tenors.

Height and Weight Loss

Monica Lewinsky is 1.68m (5ft 6in) tall. Lewinsky had moved to live a life out of the spotlight after the affair, but due to the amount of debt she found herself in, she entered into an endorsement deal with diet company Jenny Craig, Inc.

Lewinsky, who reportedly struggled with weight issues throughout his life and was also the butt of jokes by the media, accepted their offer to lose all his weight using their products while appearing in TV commercials for the company. for a fee.