Mord: Who Is Rolf Meixner? Wikipedia and 1980 Murders Update

Rolf Meixner was convicted of a triple mord in a yacht in 1980. Here are the details of the incident. 

The 1980 murder, called mord in the German language, has surfaced on the internet once again. 

Mord: Who Is Rolf Meixner?

Rolf Meixner committed mord in 1980. He was a criminally convicted psychopath who killed a couple in a sailing yacht and their teenage daughter.

A source has shared the story of the murder. However, there are not many details provided about the incident.

We are only aware that he murdered a small family on the yacht and later stole it. However, he is said to be a psychopath.

Though there are no police records of his crimes, we believe he may have got the punishment he deserved. According to a source, forensic psychologist, Nahalah Sameih, is concerned about the fate of three innocent people who died of his hands.

We did not get concert evidence on how the 1980 case was discussed or if it was anyhow related to the psychologist. However, she has been talking about mental illness and terrorism in recent days.

Explore Rolf Meixner Wikipedia

Rold Meixner is not featured on Wikipedia. There is not much information available about him as well.

We are also not aware of what kind of punishment he may have got or if he is still alive or not. Nevertheless, if he was convicted, we believe he may be in police custody at present as well.

He is probably in his 60s as of now. His specific date of birth cannot be found as well.

1980 Yacht Murders Update

The 1980 yacht murder has been discussed once again. There are not many updates about the case.

A source mentioned a short background about what happened in the murder. The murderer is named Rolf Meixner and has been identified as a psychopath.

He killed a couple and their daughter in their yacht and stole it. The purpose of the murder is not specified.

Since he was called a psychopath, there may not be personal enmity involved as we did not find any evidence about it as well. There is no details about what charges he faced and what punishment he got as a result of his sin.