Natanael Cano Girlfriend: Is He Dating Shantell Evilla? Rumors Explain

Natanael Cano Girlfriend has piqued the interest of his fans. Online rumors concerning the singer’s sexual orientation have been circulating despite his popularity.

Cano is renowned for the regional Mexican music genre he helped to create. On May 3, 2001, he was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

He launched his musical career in 2019 with the release of his debut album, “Todo Es Diferente,” which became well-known in Mexico and the US.

Cano frequently uses instruments such as the accordion and the bajo sexto in his work, which combines traditional Mexican sounds with contemporary influences.

His most well-known songs include “Soy El Diablo,” “Amor Tumbado,” and “El Drip.”

Additionally, he has worked with other musicians who are part of the genre, like Los Dos Carnales and Alejandro Fernandez.

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Natanael Cano Girlfriend: Is He Dating Shantell Evilla?

Regarding Natanael Cano Shantell Evilla, nothing is known. Whether Natanael Cano is currently dating anyone is unknown.

No official sources can corroborate the rapper and singer-songwriter’s romantic status, and he hasn’t publicly acknowledged or denied having a significant other.

However, based on his social media posts and interviews, some fans have assumed he might be dating someone.

For instance, he recently published a photo of himself with an unnamed woman on Instagram, which some admirers mistook for his girlfriend.

Therefore, we can only speculate about Natanael Cano’s romantic history while respecting his privacy until he shares more information.

He could be unmarried, concentrating on his profession, or discreetly dating someone and keeping it under wraps. In either case, we wish him the best and anticipate hearing more of his fantastic music in the future.

When Natanael Cano began his career, Rancho Humilde, a Los Angeles-based label specializing in urban regional Mexican music, heard him perform guitar covers and original songs on YouTube.

In 2019, he signed a contract with them, and that same year, “Todo Es Diferente” was his first album.

Natanael Cano Girlfriend: Rumors Explained

There are rumors that Natanael Cano is dating Shantell Evilla. We think it’s just a rumor since he hasn’t admitted dating her.

The fact that he hasn’t been dating anyone has given rise to numerous other suspicions. It was widely reported that he was gay. He is not gay, is the answer?

Although he has never publicly acknowledged or denied being gay, he has been associated with several female companions in the past.

He was said to be dating Andrea Escalona, a model who has appeared in some of his music videos, in 2019.

They didn’t make their romance public, though, and they have since broken up.

Natanael Cano does not identify as gay but supports the LGBTQ+ community and values everyone’s preferences.

Natanael Cano Family 

In May 2001, Cano was born into a middle-class household. His parents have kept their private details private.

His father, Mr. Cano, was a service member, while his mother, Mrs. Cano, worked at home. The musician has talked about how hard it was for his parents to raise him and his siblings.

He followed a career in music since it was his love and interest, despite confronting obstacles and hurdles.

His parents have always been proud of him and have supported his work and choices. His parents have always supported him despite their resolve to uphold their privacy.

Cano was born in Hermosillo, Mexico, and is of Mexican descent. He has not talked about his religion or upbringing.

He had a younger brother and sister named Daneiry as he was growing up.

His siblings have decided to keep a low profile. The general population, therefore, needs to gain more knowledge about them.

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