Is Josh Jacobs Filipino?

Yes, Josh Jacobs is indeed a Filipino as the player himself has revealed to be one.

Fans seem to have started speculating after they discovered a Filipino sun tattoo on his arm.

Furthermore, Philstar Global has also mentioned him being a Filipino while talking about him in their article.

On top of that, Jacobs himself has posted about traveling to Phillippines with the caption ‘coming home soon’ on his Instagram story.

From these facts, it is pretty much clear that Josh Jacobs is a Filipino and belongs to the Filipino race.

How Old Is Josh Jacobs?

The NFL star Josh Jacobs’ age is only 23 years old.

He was born on February 11, 1998, in Tulsa, Oklahoma as mentioned on his Wikipedia bio page.

Born in the United States, Josh became familiar with the sport from an early age and started playing football from his high school days.

He even became homeless in middle school but kept the game as his hope of escaping poverty.

Apparently, he went to Alabama at the age of around 18 and had a great college career, especially his second year as a sophomore.

Josh Jacobs Parents And Ethnicity Details

Josh Jacobs was born to his parents Marty Jacobs and Lachelle Jacobs.

But his parents Marty and Lachelle got separated in 2006. Josh including his other four siblings stayed with their mother initially but he clashed with Lachelle and went to his father.

His father Marty had just been ut of the apartment when Josh went to him so the pair stayed inside a vehicle, reports Sportscasting.

Moving on to his ethnicity, Josh Jacobs is thought to be a Filipino-American. He belongs of Filipino descent but was born and raised in the United States.

What Is Josh Jacobs Net Worth In 2021?

Josh Jacobs’ net worth is believed to be around $5- $10 million.

Spotrac has revealed his contract details where he has already earned over 9 million dollars playing for the Raiders.

From his earnings, we can estimate his net worth to be at least around $5 million.

However, the official sources have not yet confirmed the actual net worth value of the footballer.