Nicky Jam Girlfriend After Breakup With Aleska Genesis

Is the American singer/actor Nicky Jam’s girlfriend a Colombian model Grecia Viloria?

Fans concluded that the singer and model were in a relationship after seeing Viloria at one of the concerts by Nicky Jam and having a demonstration of affection with the singer behind the stage. The witnesses spread the news, which soon circulated all over the internet without being claimed by the concerned people.

Nick Rivera Caminero, professionally known as Nicky Jam, is a renowned singer and actor based in America. He is 41 years old. The singer was taken to a Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican Father. Therefore, his family moved to Puerto Rico when he was a little boy ten. He began recording music when he was fourteen.

In the late 1990s, the singer formed a group named Los Canaris, which remained active until 2004. The pair had to split because both members’ careers eventually declined, followed by specific legal struggles.

Caminero, later on, moved to Colombia and started his career again. He developed more melodic styles of music and released singles like “Voy a Beber” and “Travesuras.”

Nicky Jam Facts

Full name Nick Rivera Caminero
Date of birth March 17, 1981
Age 41 years
Occupation Singer and actor
Net worth About USD $5 Million
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches (1.80 m)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Based on United States
Instagram @nickyjam
Ex Spouse Angelina Cruz

Nicky Jam Girlfriend 2022 Grecia Viloria

Nicky Jam’s rumored girlfriend, Grecia Viloria, is a successful and beautiful Colombian Model.

Grecia was seen in one of the concerts of the artist Nicky Jam. Moreover, some witnesses also saw her affectionate moment with the singer backstage. Therefore, she supposedly became the girlfriend of Nicky Jam.

After the rumors spread consistently, the model also decided to deactivate her personal Instagram account. Now, she is again active on her social media profile and has nothing on her profile showing her relationship and affair with the singer Nicky Jam.

Moreover, she has also clarified that there’s nothing so special between the two of them. “The only problem is that it is not true,” said the model Viloria stating clearly through her words that she would not dislike the idea of being in an affair with Nicky Jam.

She stated that there were a lot of people backstage who wished to take pictures with the great singer. “Anyone enters backstage, and I was one of them, so it wasn’t a great deal,” she exclaimed. For now, all Grecia dreams is to be a big, top model. She is more interested in international modeling and working on different campaigns.

Grecia Viloria can be found on Instagram under the username @grecia.viloria31. She usually posts her modeling pictures on Instagram and has 9,885 followers. She works as a model for different modeling agencies and brands.

Nicky Jam and Aleska Genesis Breakup

Aleska Genesis, a Venezuelan Model, was in a relationship with the singer Nicky Jam until they broke up recently.

The singer has already revealed that his relationship with Aleska has ended after a few months of being together. Although the couple did not clarify the reasons behind their separation, the breakup has been confirmed.

It was in December of 2021 that Nicky Jam and Aleska Genesis confirmed their relationship. Back then, the couple was full of love and showcased their romance publicly. Genesis posted a picture of them on her social media account, stating they had started a romantic relationship. The couple showed their love posts to all the fans and even got tattooed as a symbol of their love.

However, the Venezuelan model was accused by her followers since she had a former mafia boyfriend, and she was blamed for hunting fortunes. Genesis lives in Miami and has developed an active career as a model and social media personality.

Nicky Jam had gifted a Pink Lamborghini to Aleska Genesis.

During the courtship, Nicky Jam gifted his girlfriend Aleska Genesis a Pink Lamborghini as a Christmas present. The car looked beautiful, and its worth was about $230,000. The sum is enormous for a Christmas present.

The singer had shared a short video clip on his social media where he wrote “Merry Christmas.” Aleska was seen reacting surprisingly when she saw the car. Afterward, she was also seen posting pictures of her great Christmas present and thanked her partner for making her feel like a Barbie.

A few months before, Genesis shared a picture of herself and the Lamborghini, captioned,” Lambo for sale..Interested in Dm”. The post seemed to be sarcastic after her breakup with Nicky.

Nicky Jam Girlfriend List and Past Relationships

Nicky Jam is a trendy name for Latin trap and reggaeton genres. His journey as a singer has been very astonishing. However, his personal life looks messier.

Nicky Jam usually comes into the limelight because of his relationship with multiple partners. His dating history is often discussed, and rumors about his affair keep regularly coming, like that of Rapper Skepta

Nicky Jam and Carolina Nieto

Nicky Jam was in a relationship with Carolina Neito, and they also had a daughter together. Their daughter’s name is Luciana, born in August 2012.

Carolina is available on Instagram under the username @caroni_re13, and she has more than 205K followers. She shares pictures with her daughter Luciana on her Instagram profile.

Not so many details are available about the relationship of Nieto with the singer since Jam has many children, and they are from different mothers.

Nicky shares a son with Janexsy Figueroa.

Nicky Jam has a son with Janexsy Figueroa named Joe, born in 2005. He is about 17 years as of 2022.

Joe’s mother, Janexsy Figueroa, is one of the ex-girlfriends of Nicky Jam. Joe is available on Instagram under the username @joe_the_beast. The singer also shares pictures with his son on his personal Instagram account.

Nicky Proposed Cydney Moreau on 2020

The famous singer, Nicky Jam, proposed to his then-girlfriend, Cydney Moreau, in February 2020.

Cydney is an American former D1 track athlete, a fashion model, an Instagram influencer, and an ambassador from Louisiana. She is also a content creator and creates fashion-related content on Instagram.

The model and singer Nicky Jam met each other on the sets of “Atrevete.” Nicky shared them on Instagram, where he said she is the best gift for valentine. His girlfriend Cydney also shared a video clip confirming the relationship.

Nicky has two beautiful daughters from his unknown partner.

Nicky Jam has two beautiful daughters named Yarimar Rivera and Alyssa Rivera. Both of the daughters were born in early 2002.

Yarimar Rivera is called Ari and has a Facebook page where she shares several photos. She has also got pictures of her Father and shared about their beautiful bond. You can find her on Facebook under the username Yarimar Rivera. Her mother is still not been exposed.

Alyssa Rivera is very close in age with her sister Yarimar, and they share a good bond. Yarimar often shares pictures with her. Yarimar had also wished Alyssa on her 15th birthday on Facebook. She shared many photos of them hanging out and spending time together.

Nicky was married to Angelica Cruz

In February 2017, the singer married Angelica Cruz after they had a romantic relationship for more than two years.

The couple had an excellent relationship until they separated in 2018 after one and a half years of marriage.

They had a lavish wedding ceremony in Colombia. Eighteen months after the marriage, they separated on August 21, 2019. The pair had filed the divorce citing irreconcilable differences. However, the details of their agreement were sealed and were not available to the public.

In 2017, in his interview with Jorge Pabon on a radio program, Jam shared how his wife made him feel something that he had never felt. “I feel like I work hard, get home, and three is someone waiting for me. I do not come home to an empty house,” he told the interviewer.

Some FAQs

What is the age of Nicky Jam?

Nicky Jam was born in March 17, 1981 and he is 41 years as of 2022

Who was Nicky Jam married to?

Nicky Jam was married to Angelina Cruz in a private Catholic Ceremony in 2017

How many children does Nicky Jam have?

Nicky Jam has four children and all of them are from different mothers

Is Nicky Jam still married?

Nicky Jam has already divorced with his wife Angelina Cruz in less than two years of getting married