Nicole Lorraine Linton Linkedin: Details On Houston Nurse Arrested For La Brea Accident

Nicole Lorraine Linton, an ICU nurse in Hoston, was arrested for Vehicle manslaughter in the La Brea intersection that occurred at 2 pm Thursday.

The accident was caught on camera from the gas station, and the footage was released within a few hours of the incident.

The Drunk driver was driving 80 mph on the road as she crossed the red light and crashed into the car of a pregnant woman and his boyfriend, who was said to have traveled for an appointment.

Eight people were injured, and among them, five people were reported dead. The source of the accident was also injured and taken to the hospital. She will be taken into custody after she recovers from her injuries.

Nicole Lorraine Linton Linkedin Wiki

Nicole Lorraine Linton’s Linkedin states a source of the La Brea Accident is an active ICU nurse working for AMN Healthcare as the Travel ICU nurse of the hospital since 2020. Nicole has 329 connections in her profile and her bio captions, “Traveling state to state to expand my skills as an ICU nurse.”

Linton became a registered nurse after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She completed her Doctor in nursing practice from The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 2015. Besides these, she also has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

She started working in the medical field as the first assistant in the Laredo Regional Medical Center, L.P., in 2012. She worked for several months for the West Houston Medical Center as the Cardiovascular Surgical Technologist.

As per the linked profile, She has experience working as a Neurosurgery ICU nurse since 2015. The nurse has worked for the Houston Methodist and RNnetwork for four years in total as the Travelling ICU registered nurse.

She has been actively involved in the current ICU nurse profession since October 2020 and transferred to the Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles and  Emory University Hospital from time to time.

Houston Nurse Nicole Lorraine Linton Boyfriend & Family

Houston Nurse Nicole Lorraine Linton, an ICU nurse coming from a Texas family, currently works in Houston, Los Angeles. The detail of the family and boyfriend is yet to be revealed.

According to the report, she was fighting while in a drunken state with her boyfriend before the crash occurred. Her boyfriend is among the five people who died at the scene of the incident. The information about her partner has not been leaked.

The family of Linton confirmed the arrest of the individual after the accident as per the Fox now statement. Her information was revealed from the Texas record as the person with the same name working as the registered nurse.

The victim’s family Ryan, left with her boyfriend Reynold for the checkup as appointed on the date. They had asked her to level their nephew with them jokingly, and she had replied to take her son for the walk. They condemned the nurse’s action and made condolence for her sister in the interview.

Nicole Lorraine Linton, ICU Nurse Arrested For La Brea Accident

Nicole Lorraine Linton, Los Angelos Nurse, was arrested for the Manslaughter incident that occurred in the La Braa intersection on Thursday mid-noon. The accident was filmed by live cameras from the nearby gas station.

As per the police report, the nurse was driving at the speed of 80 mph in the state of drunk and fighting with her boyfriend. The high-speed car crashed into five different vehicles at the interest killing six people along with her boyfriend.

Among the victim’s death, a pregnant mom, a baby boy, and the other three were reported to the scene. Asherey Ryan, a 23-year-old woman, was said to be with month pregnant her husband was on the way to the appointment check, who died immediately along with her unborn baby in the horrible accident.

The over-speed car crashed into the vehicle that split the other into two and immediately caught on fire within seconds of impact. According to the statement released by the Attorney George of the LA County district, the case will be handled on upcoming Monday.

After the Mercedes crash, she was recovered by the people located in the incident. The nurse has been hospitalized, and she will be arrested as soon as she recovers.