Nova Scotia Richard Holman Death And Obituary: Family Mourns The Loss

Richard Holman Death: Passing marks the end of a life dedicated to service in the military and healthcare community.

Richard Holman, whose name is a byword for steadfast commitment and duty, made an imprint on both the military and the medical fields.

As a former Army veteran, he was an example of discipline, honor, and devotion that went well beyond the battlefield.

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Richard’s career in the civilian world continued with positions as an Operating Room Certified Sterile Processing Technician and Liaison at esteemed medical facilities.

His dedication to upholding operating room safety and hygiene standards saved numerous lives.

Richard’s influence was also felt inside his family; his wife, Angelia Sims-Holman, and his kids are continuing his legacy.

He cultivated a legacy of love and camaraderie with his ex-wife, Diane Holman, and his extensive network of friends and family.

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Nova Scotia Richard Holman Death

Richard Holman, a guy who touched the hearts of many in the community and beyond, passed away, leaving Nova Scotia devastated.

Richard passed away on April 7, 2023, ending an era for this close-knit Canadian province.

Richard was mainly known for his services in the United States, but he had deep roots in Nova Scotia and was still a source of pride for the province.

Richard, a committed healthcare worker and former Army veteran, had ideals that individuals from many walks of life admired.

His dedication to quality and security in healthcare influenced the United States and served as an example for healthcare workers in Nova Scotia.

His loss has left a vacuum that will be hard to fill, but his legacy of devotion, dignity, and commitment will continue forever.

Richard Holman was a loving son and a devoted patriot, and Nova Scotia mourns his passing.

Scotia Richard Obituary

On April 7, 2023, Scotia Richard, a cherished member of Nashville, Tennessee’s medical community, passed away, leaving an inspirational legacy.

She honorably served her nation as a former Army veteran, upholding the ideals of honor, discipline, and steadfast devotion.

Scotia’s path led her into the healthcare industry in her civilian life.

She demonstrated her dedication to people’s health as an Operating Room Certified Sterile Processing Technician and Liaison at prestigious organizations like Nashville General Hospital, St. Thomas West, Vanderbilt, and the Veterans Association Hospital.

Her extraordinary commitment to upholding the highest safety and hygiene standards in the operating room saved numerous lives.

Scotia’s universe revolved around her family. Her devoted husband, Richard Lee Holman, and their kids, who uphold her spirit and ideals, are her only surviving family members.

Beyond her immediate family, Scotia leaves a legacy of affection, friendship, and significant contributions to the military and healthcare industries.

Her legacy will forever be a testament to service, love, and commitment.

Scotia Richard Family Mourns The Loss

The Richard family is deeply saddened by the passing of their cherished matriarch, Scotia Richard.

They said goodbye to a woman on April 7, 2023, whose presence enriched their lives and the lives of many others.

Scotia was a stalwart in Nashville, Tennessee’s medical community, a devoted citizen, and a former Army veteran.

Her husband, Richard Lee Holman, and their children, Richard Jr., Monica, Darrell, Ricky, and Brittany, share this great sorrow.

They will always treasure Scotia’s steadfast love, advice, and the principles she taught them.

Scotia’s presence went beyond her immediate family to her ex-husband, Diane Holman, with whom she maintained a strong bond and shared priceless memories.

Four sisters, nieces, nephews, and many dedicated friends make up Scotia’s large family, and they all grieve together as they recall their times with her.

The Richard family’s memories of Scotia’s love, kindness, and commitment to service remain as they cope with this significant loss.

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