Nyjah Huston Mom Kelle Huston Was A Cheerleader In College

Professional skater Nyjah Huston was homeschooled by his mom, Kelle Huston. He was raised in a strict Rastafarian lifestyle.

While his mother was a former cheerleader, Nyjah is an American professional Skateboarder. He has won the competition series five times and is one of the highest-earning skateboarders of our time. Huston also represented the United States Olympic Team in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics skateboarding.

Huston is successful today because of his mother, Kelle Huston. Continue below to learn about how she changed Nyjah’s life.

Nyjah Huston Mom Kelle Huston Was A Cheerleader

Nyjah Huston is managed by his mother, Kelle Huston. She was a cheerleader during her college days. 

The beautiful blond went to the University of California, Santa Cruz, for her higher education. Since 2010, she has been serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Nyjah Huston, Inc. In addition, she manages the business and helps set the vision for her son.

Before managing her son, Huston worked as an Executive Director at Let It Flow for more than 10 years. The place helped her to understand business, and most importantly, she helped the firm to repair inoperable water wells in developing countries.

Kelle actively praises her son via Instagram. She is active with the handle name @kellehuston and has over 10.7K followers.

She is one of the coolest moms in the street, as she rides a scooter, loves flowers, and likes to party. 

Kelle Huston Is Divorced From Her Husband, Adeyemi Huston

Kelle Huston is seeing her new boyfriend, Ryan Abbate, after divorcing her husband, Adeyemi Huston. Adeyemi was one of her high schoolmates.

She fell in love with Adeyemi in the sixth grade. She reconnected with him in her senior year of high school and both of them had developed into Rastafarians.

In an interview, Kelle said she was attracted to Adeyemi’s rebellious attitude. Her parents were against her relationship.

As quoted on Jenkem, she has said: “For me, it was a philosophy that really questioned the purpose of life and helped me to look deeper within myself. I became a very spiritual person and I played a very traditional motherly role, which came very naturally to me. “

She also spoke about her split with Adeyemi, pointing out the restrictions. Kelle has said: “We purposely separated ourselves from society and basically lived as a mini cult. As our children got older, I started to feel that the strict restrictions of our lifestyle were holding them back from progressing in life, so I made a choice to let go of my belief system.”

“This led to the break up of my marriage and the separation of our family. I am still a very spiritual person, although I have thrown out the concept of a belief system. I like to practice kindness.”

In recent days, Huston has found a new love in her life. She is dating a wonderful man named Ryan Abbate.

According to LinkedIn, Abbate is the founder of Pacific Communications. He is based in Laguna Beach, California.

Kelle Huston Is The Mom Of Five

Kelle Huston has raised five children, three sons, and one daughter. Besides Naijah, her other children are Isha, Kiade, Jahmai, and Abhi. 

According to Jenkem, Kelle home-schooled all her children, living in isolation and raising them in the Rastafarian way. 

The Huston children were completely devoted to skating, even purchasing their skatepark in 2004, where little Nyjah and his father would practice every day. In addition, Kelle’s kids were also brought up in a strict home environment.

The Huston boys engaged in unofficial competitions all around California. Nyjah often triumphed. At 7, he secured a sponsorship deal with Element Skateboards.

At the same time, Kelle’s daughter, Isha, attended New York University. She works in an investment company that oversees Nyjah’s money. Isha is also active on Instagram with the handle @ishahuston. 

During her divorce, Kelle testified that Adeyemi physically abused her and the two older boys. She said: “The physical abuse included grabbing, squeezing, kicking, and pushing. The boys felt intimidated by their father.” 

But Adeyemi had responded: “I will not waste the court’s time trying to dignify these accusations.”