Payton Gendron Mass Shooting Twitch Video Under Jimboboiii

Payton Gendron’s live video of the mass shooting on Twitch was under the name Jimboboii. He had used an alias to create an account on the platform.

He allegedly went live when he went ahead with the Mass shooting in Buffalo, NY. But, he was not a local in the area. Instead, he traveled from Conklin, New York, to the Tops grocery on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, New York, which is primarily African-American.

He was equipped with body armor, a military-grade helmet, and a head-mounted camera, which he used to webcast the attack on Twitch. He was heard saying, “Just got to go for it,” on his Livestream as he approached the site, as per Wikipedia. 

He started the shooting from the parking lot and went inside the shop, and fired at the customers and a security guard as well. By the time police reached to apprehend him, he had killed ten people and left three injured. 

Payton Gendron Racist Manifesto Circulates On The Internet

Payton Gendron had a racist manifesto uploaded on the internet before he went for mass killing. The 18-year-old boy’s to-do list was available on discord. 

In the manifesto, he had written down his objective and what things he needed to prepare for before accomplishing his so-called ‘mission.’ The 109-page long manifesto contained white supremacy views and racist remarks. 

The authorities are also treating it as a hate crime. They also found that there was a racist slur inscribed on the weapon he had used. Although officials have denied the existence of such a manifesto, for now, they will be treating it as a hate crime. 

What Was Payton Gendron Motive?

Police said that there was a racial motive behind Payton Gendron’s mass shooting. There is evidence that shows that he calls himself a white supremest. 

Thus, he planned the attack because of his belief, and now the case will be treated as a hate crime. People are enraged at what has happened and voicing their opinions on social media.