Prophet Owuor Biography; Teachings, Secrets, Snake And Son

Prophet Owuor is a very popular and controversial Kenyan prophet who is known for his miracles and prophecies and he is the founder of the ministry of Holiness and Repentance.

Prophet Owuor Born in 1966 in Goma village, Kenya to Hezekiah and Margaret Ochieng, his beloved parents. Owuor was born in a Christian home that also understood the value of education, so he was enrolled in school at a very young age. His mother also began teaching him the bible.

Prophet Owuor started schooling at the Wambasa Primary School in Yimbo but ended up in other primary schools like Jusa, Luzira, and Kitalya because his father who was a public servant was frequently transferred. Prophet Owour then attended Mbale Senior Secondary School where he obtained his ‘O’ level before proceeding to St. Peters College in Tororo to obtain his ‘A’ levels certificate.

For his tertiary education, Prophet Owuor attended three different Universities beginning from Makerere University for a Bachelor of Science degree but later moved to the University of Nairobi where he completed his first degree in 1988. Later on, he joined the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel for his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics.

Prophet Owuor teachings

Prophet Owuor has taught and preached on so many topics in human life ranging from baptism, repentance, tithe, marriage and, many others in Africa. Most of his teaching is considered by many as controversial and very opposite of the life he lives.

Prophet Owuor secrets

Prophet Owuor has been accused by some of his church members who were bound to expose the prophet by exposing his secrets. Prophet Owuor has been accused of being a cult member, carrying out fake miracles, taking credit for tragedies, extorting money from his followers, threatening his church with tragedies, destroying families, and many others.

Prophet Owuor son

Prophet Owuor has a son from his past relationship with his Israeli girlfriend but his name is not known.