Sneako Was A Model At Burberry And Nike, Rapper Got Beat Up At The NYC Subway Today!

Sneako As A Burberry And Nike Model: What Happened?

Sneako, a popular personality has been the talk of the town on social media. He recently lives streamed a video on his vlog channel. The rapper was clarifying the recent incident in NYC.

However, in the first ten minutes of the live stream, Sneako just cried while smoking his joint. Some of the users found that sound funny, and soon the model for Nike and Burberry was viral on social media.

Some of them cheered the meme and were supportive. But, others protested that nobody should celebrate one person’s wound. His Instagram story after getting got beat up was full of wounds and cut with blood.

Sneako Got Beat Up At A Subway In NYC: Is He On Hospital?

According to multiple reports, Sneako got beat up at a subway in NYC. The official’s details on the incident have been revealed by the digital personality on his YouTube channel.

Moments after the brawl, Sneako posted an Instagram story where he stated that he will quit streaming. He is freighted and had multiple cuts and blood rolling over his face.

However, the Youtuber defended himself and stated his haters were the ones who initiated the attack first. Sneako only tried to defend himself and got injured severely.

In the live stream, Sneako reacted to his memes and slammed all the people who made fun of him. The rapper was the subject of more memes and hate on social media after the video. 

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Meet Sneako On Instagram: Social Media Personality Explored 

Sneako has been one of the popular personalities on Instagram and can be found with the username @thesneako. 

The content creator has around 178K followers on his profile and only follows about 448 people on the platform. He has only 17 posts on his account and is not that active on the platform.

However, his latest picture has got all the attention. The crying picture of Sneako after the incident had gone viral, and he posted the link of the stream on the bio of his Instagram.

The stream has more than 6K views in total and was released 2 hours before the time of the writing.