Sophie Araque-Liu Wiki:- Martin County HS Student Wins Doodle For Google

A drawing of a Martin County High School girl hugging her mother is now visible to hundreds of millions on Google’s home page.

A 16-year-old Stuart senior named Sophie Araque-Liu won this year’s Doodle for Google competition, which asks K–12 students to design their variations of the Google logo. Each state and U.S. territory submitted a nominee, and a panel of judges chose the winner.

Araque-Liu received a $30,000 scholarship. Her artwork was placed instead of Google’s logo on August 16 morning and remained up all day.

This year’s contest theme was “I care for myself by…,” and Araque-redesign Liu’s portrayed her cuddling her mother under the Google logo.

Who is Sophie Araque-Liu? How Old Is She?

Sophie Araque-Liu is the Doodle For Google 2022 Winner and a well-liked American Faculty Scholar from Florida.

The winner of the Doodle for Google 2022 contest, Sophie Araque-Liu, was born and raised in Florida.

Sophie Araque-Liu is a student at Martin County High School. After winning the Doodle For Google 2022 contest, Sophie Araque-Liu entered the spotlight. Sophie Araque-Liu is an intelligent student.

According to evaluations, Sophie Araque-Liu is an American. The zodiac sign for Sophie Araque-Liu is unknown, and her ethnicity is Unrecognized. By her birthdate of 2006, Sophie Araque-Liu is 16 years old. Araque-Liu was born in Florida, the United States.

According to reports, Sophie Araque-Liu was born in 2006, making her 16 years old in 2022. When Sophie celebrates her birthday each year is a mystery. Her exact birthdate is still unknown.

Get To Know About Sophie Araque’s Parents

Sophie Araque’s parents are unidentified. Sophie rose to prominence after winning the Doodle for Google Contest 2022 therefore, little information about her parents is currently available.

However, it is known to everyone that Sophie is close to her mother as she redesigned depicted her hugging her mother in the contest. She remarked that her mother has always been so encouraging of her art, and their relationship suited the theme wonderfully.

Sophie stated after winning the contest, “I decided to portray a different side of ‘I care for myself.” “I take care of myself by allowing others to take care of me. It’s incredible to know that you still have people rooting for you and that you don’t have to do everything on your own.”

Sophie Araque Wins Doodle For Google Contest 2022

The Google Doodle contest is an annual artwork competition open to all students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Google Doodle competition allows children in grades K-12 to display their Doodle artwork on, and the winner will be determined by a panel of judges who will choose the winner’s name.

This year’s contest theme was “I care for myself by…,” Araque-redesign Liu’s portrayed her hugging her mother under the Google logo and won the competition.

Martin County High School planned a surprise assembly when dozens of friends and classmates shocked her with the news that her artwork had been selected as Florida’s nominee in May.

After winning the top Google Doodle competition, Sophie Araque-Liu received a $30K scholarship. On August 16, her original Google logo design was shown on browsers throughout the United States for twenty-four hours.

In addition, Sophie Araque-Liu received a $50,000 expertise package deal, which included Google hardware and several enjoyable Google items.