Tammy Bradshaw Biography; Net Worth, Age, Children And Grand Children Of Terry Bradshaw’s Wife

Tammy Bradshaw is a model, social media personality and wife of NFL Legend, Terry Bradshaw who has made a name for herself due to her philanthropic work.

Tammy Bradshaw (Tamera Alice) was born on October 5, 1961 in the United States of America. Tammy Bradshaw has not revealed much about her family, early life and education.

However, when she was younger, Tammy Bradshaw was a model. It is believed that Tammy Bradshaw met Terry Bradshaw during one of her shows as a model just after she separated from her then-husband, David Luttrull.

After Tammy Bradshaw’s marriage to David Luttrull hit the rocks, she dated Terry Bradshaw. It is beileved that Tammy started dating Terry Bradshaw in 1999. However, it was not until 8th July, 2014 that the pair got married. Tammy Bradshaw is Terry Bradshaw’s forth wife.

Tammy Bradshaw Height

Tammy Bradshaw has a height of 5 feet, 7 inches.

Tammy Bradshaw Net Worth

Tammy Bradshaw has a net worth of $15 million.

Tammy Bradshaw Children

Tammy Bradshaw’s children from her marriage with David Tuttrull are;  Lacey Hester-Luttrull and David Cody Luttrull (who died at that age of 23  on July 6, 2009 from an accidental overdose of heroin).

Tammy Bradshaw also has two step-daughters; Erin and Rachel Bradshaw. Erin Bradshaw is an honors graduate of the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Rachel Bradshaw is a graduate of the Belmont Univerity in Nashville, Tennessee, and appeared in Nashville’s 2007 reality TV show.