Tanvi Shah Quit Her Job At PWC To Follow An Influencer Life Style

Tanvi Shah, widely known as a Tiktok star, had once worked at PWC. She resigned from the corporate world and now is a full-time digital content creator.

Deciding to take a leave from the career you have been doing for years takes a lot of strength and courage. Few people risk changing jobs, especially when you are already an adult above 25 years.

One of them is Tanvi Shah, who had an excellent job at PWC. But, she quit being an audit and is now a social media influencer.

Who Is Tiktok Star Tanvi Shah At PWC?

Tanvi Shah became a household name after she started creating content on Tiktok. She has accumulated 73.5k followers on the platform.

However, she has not always been a social media queen. Her background shows that she shifted her career from corporate to the digital content creator.

She worked as a banking and capital market associate at one of the world’s second-largest professional services networks, PWC. It is one of the big four account firms with branches in 157 countries, across 742 locations, with 284,000 people.

While residing in London, she shares her Indian culture on social media. She expresses her respect and love for it, influencing many others to learn about it.

Her traditional Indian looks at weddings or events have also made their way among online audiences. She is also a presenter on BBC Asian network, where she talks about British Asian life, culture, and music.

Likewise, on her Youtube channel, she shares about her daily life. She makes vlogs and sometimes even prepares videos suggesting to people about places to travel to, how to dress up and makeup in big fat Indian weddings, and other styling guides, etc., which are well received by the audience. Her channel is growing, and it currently has 3.55k subscribers.

Tanvi Shah LinkedIn Details Explored

Tanvi Shah is a former corporate consultant. She has worked at corporate since 2012. Her LinkedIn profile consists of several job roles she fulfilled at different companies before and after completing her education. She studied Economics and Politics at the University of Nottingham.

She started her work life at Brightstone Law LLPBrightstone, where she worked for a week to observe meetings with clients with a senior partner. Then, she worked at Core Capital Partners LLP for two weeks.

Later, in 2014, she worked as an Insight Program Participant in Barclays UK. However, her tenure was short-term; in 2015, she joined Ipreo as a Fixed Income Summer Intern, where she worked for a month.

She also did her internship at Royal Bank of Scotland Business as a Commercial & Private Banking Summer Analyst. And in 2016, she finally landed full-time work at PWC, where she worked for three years.

She joined the company as a Banking and Capital markets Associate, and during her three years of tenure, she was promoted to senior associate. She left the company in 2021 and joined KPMG as an Assistant management consultant manager and left in 2022.

Tanvi Shah Journey From Corporate To Influencer

Tanvi Shah shared her journey from corporate to an influencer on social media. Her first Youtube video was about why she quit her Big 4 job where she was an audit specializing in Banking & Capital Markets.

However, her presence on networking sites was visible before. She had been making videos on Tiktok before she shifted to Youtube.