Tennis Star: Jelena Dokic weight loss; Before & After Photos – How Much LBS Did She Shed?

Jelena Dokic is a former professional tennis player, an Australian tennis instructor, commentator, and author, currently trending due to her dramatic weight loss.

Jelena Dokic, a Grand Slam finalist, and Olympian, is currently a trending name after the aftermath picture of her weight loss journey.

Her tennis ranking was No. 4 in August 2002, and she won WTA Tour events on all surfaces throughout her career. She had lost to the qualifier in the 1999 Wimbledon Championships – Women’s Singles.

After her Wimbledon triumph, she quickly rose in the rankings, but her time in the top echelon was marred by off-court issues.

Dokic made a comeback to tennis in 2008, finishing in the top 100. After that, she battled with form and injury and retired from professional tennis in 2014.

Learn About Jelena Dokic weight loss

Jelena Dokic had decided to lose weight after hitting rock bottom with unhealthy weight gain. The player had to battle depression after being physically and mentally abused by her father.

Jelena suffered injuries in 2014, due to which she had to bid farewell to her tennis life resulting in difficulties for her to come back to her life.

She slowly started to put on the weight and couldn’t take it anymore when it exceeded 120kg. Being a professional athlete, she was not used to being so overweight.

She then started having difficulty doing her daily chores, and even being around people was an exasperating task. It was in 2018 when she decided to do something about weight gain.

Here Are Jelena Dokic Before & After Photos

Jelena Dokic has shared her before and after weight loss photos on her Instagram, dokic_jelena, where she has also talked about body shaming,

Jelena has shed a great weight and is very proud of her transformation. She proudly flaunts her body on Instagram after attaining her weight goals.

The internet is jammed with her transformation photos, and people are curious about the secret behind her fit body. She is also promoting a healthy body over a lean body.

Jelena mentions the importance of a healthy body and a healthy diet on her Instagram, where she says that a body of any size is beautiful until it’s healthy.

How Many LBS Did Jelena Dokic Shed?

Jelena Dokic has taken over the internet after shedding 110.2 lbs of weight. Her weight increased after she was forced to retire, according to the 37-year-old.

Using the Jenny Craig regimen, the former World No. 4, lost 18 kilograms and reached her ‘playing weight’ of 67 kilos. After weighing in at 120 kg, she had suffered from binge eating and overtraining.

Desperate to change her life, she lost 53 kilograms in 18 months, lowering her weight to its lowest in ten years. Dokic said her weight loss improved her lifestyle since she now feels happier and healthier.

After announcing her retirement from tennis, Dokic stated she turned to junk food like burgers, fries, and sugary desserts to deal with her emotions.