‘The Masked Singer’ Kicks Off Season 8 With Big Performances And Even Bigger Unmaskings

The Covered Vocalist is back, with additional dazzling gatherings, bolder shows, more prominent stars and way a bigger number of unmaskings than any season beforehand!

The hit Fox reality challenge secret series got going its eighth season on Tuesday, helmed by have Scratch Gun and controlled by durable experts Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger.

The show familiar fans with the underlying four performers of the time – – including Harp, Hedgehog, Knight and Hummingbird – – as well as the season’s astounding new course of action! As opposed to one star getting revealed and the lay moving on, only a solitary would have the option to sing another day, and the three others would be all around taking it off after just a single song.

Harp was the essential craftsman to show up and conveyed an appropriately perfect translation of “Fantastic” by Pink that left the adjudicators and the group deadened.

“What a strategy for opening up the show on season eight! With a legend, obviously,” McCarthy pondered after the staggering vocal feature. “That was out of the entertainment region. See you at the finale!”

“You were areas of strength for past. You request that stage,” Scherzinger added with feeling in her voice. “I was just in stunningness. I can scarcely hold on to see what your personality is.”

Up next was Hedgehog, who presented a sign pack overflowing with English references preceding belting out a silliness front of The Beatles’ “Reverence Me Do,” while maintained by a full drum line and strolling band for one of the most blustering amounts of the evening.

Chatting with the adjudicators after the number, Hedgehog dropped a significant demonstrate his character when he uncovered he has won both a Tony Award and a GRAMMY.

The splendidly costumed Hummingbird hit the stage immediately, belting out a horseplay and controlled execution of Gavin DeGraw’s “I Would prefer not to Be” while joined by a line of feathery pink support specialists that raised the silliness number.

“That was astounding, man. You know, I think it was an unprecedented song choice. Got everybody publicized up. Additionally, you were hitting all of the notes,” Thicke praised. Unbelievable work.”

The last singer of the night, Knight, turned out in maybe of the most particular group in continuous memory – – appearing as a Knight in shimmering defensive layer, yet one that is moreover riding a horse. It was clear all along that Knight was there to live it up and embrace the characteristic of the show.

Introduced by trumpeted show, Knight put a new, specific bend on Fred Astaire’s prestigious song “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” and it was rapidly unquestionable from his exceptional voice who was under the Knight group.

Likewise, questions were immediately confirmed when it came time for the group to project a polling form and Knight was the essential individual to get the ax. After the board made their last assumptions, Knight uncovered and uncovered himself to be, actually, the astounding William Shatner!

The Emmy-winning star chatted with ET on Wednesday and considered precisely how problematic performing inside the unpredictable outfit genuinely was.

“A friend of mine said it was maybe of the most ridiculously horribly horrendous experience he’d anytime had in his life… likewise, when I put that outfit on I comprehended it was substantial,” Shatner said with a laugh. “You can’t see out of it, you can’t breathe in, you can’t feel, you can’t move… It was essentially impenetrable.”

“Regardless, I surmise that is the fun of the show: Put these performers in troupes you can’t regulate and watch them persevere!” he added.

Shatner underscored the conclusions directly following uncovering, telling the leading group of his experience, “It was unpleasant! I can’t see you how horrendous it was. I couldn’t see anything. I can’t walk. The uproar was shocking. The cover was crushing. Goodness, was essentially fun!”

“In light of everything, we had a few great times,” McCarthy said with a laugh.

The accompanying costumed challenger to get projected a polling form off was Hedgehog! No matter what his lovely show, it wasn’t adequate to save him from getting uncovered.

After the standard melodies of “Take it off,” Hedgehog pulled off his spikey group’s head and uncovered himself to be the outstanding performer and Monty Python star Eric Inert! Resulting to figuring out that he eventually stayed in contact with Paul McCartney for agree to sing “Love Me Do,” he polished off his experience on the show with a live show of his unfathomable tune from The Presence of Brian, “Reliably Look on the Splendid Side of Life.”

The groundbreaking comic conversed with ET on Wednesday, where he investigated his experience on the show, which he said was “very agreement” and

“The creators said, ‘It’s a silly show,’ and I said, ‘For sure, I think I’ve been on several silly shows in my time,’” Dormant joked. “So I thought it was a perfect fit for me. It was something that addressed me.”

Watching out for the bizarre level of mystery on the show, Dormant assessed, “Your entire person is concealed! From the subsequent I assented to do the show, I was Hedgehog. Everybody just suggested me as Hedgehog. ‘Benevolent, incredible morning, Hedgehog, hey Hedgehog, how are you Hedgehog?’ It never quit making me laugh.”

After the unmaskings, Harp was – – which the larger part would expect – – designated the night’s winner, leaving Hummingbird as the last competitor set to kill his cover. In any case, the uncover was left as a cliffhanger, and fans will sort out his character when The Covered Singer returns next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.