Tiana Wilson Brother Jordon Wilson Is Her Inspiration To Become A YouTuber

Tiana Wilson and her brother Jordon Wilson have an age difference of 9 years. Tiana Wilson and her family saw fame through her official YouTube channel.

Tiana commenced her journey online at the age of 8. Other child creators inspired her to create her channel.

Through the support of her parents, she was able to fulfill her wish. It has already been 7 years of her successful YouTube journey. Wilson grew up in front of the world. Initially, she used to run her channel ‘KidsAndToys,’ later renamed ‘Tiana Wilson.’

She used to unbox and review children’s toys on the platform. It was a big hit. Then, she made content on Roblox and eventually shifted to challenges and prank videos.

Her most liked upload is ‘SLIME PRANK IN MY DAD’S HOT TUB!!’, which has garnered whopping 128 million views. Nonetheless, her viewers are desperately waiting for new content, as she has not posted anything in the last 3 months.

Tiana Wilson Brother Jordan Wilson Is A YouTube Star

Tiana Wilson Brother Jordon Wilson is a rising content creator on the video-sharing platform with almost a million subscribers. Jordon used to appear on the ‘ToysAndMe’ YouTube channel around 2016 before starting his channel.

Jordan is 25 years old and was born on October 17, 1997, as the first child of the Wilson family. He started the journey of content creation in the initial month of 2018 with the ‘New JORDON Channel!’ video.

Every kind of upload is available on the Jordon Wilson channel, from challenge and surprise videos to pranks and vlogs.

‘DROPPING GIANT 6ft WATER BALLOON OFF THE ROOF!!’ is the most popular video present on his channel. It premiered four years ago and has surpassed 14 million views.

He used to trick questions in public around February 2020 before Covid-19 slowed down the world. In March 2018, he hit 200000 subscribers on YouTube. He shared his achievement of the golden play button in September 2019.

Jordon has been parallelly increasing his audience through other social media like Instagram. As of February 2023, he has garnered total followers of more than 70,000.

The first post on the photo-sharing platform was made on May 24, 2014, where he was wearing a helmet and all set to ride on a motorbike with his friend.

Besides, Wilson is a podcast host and runs the donuts podcast along with his friends, Tom Nattrass and Macaulay Read. It is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

Some of his interest lies in going on adventures and collecting cars. He recently purchased a Wagon car. He was gifted a Lamborghini when he turned 21.

Jordan and his sister Tiana share a fun and loving bond like any brother-sister duo. They went on a trip to Cancún, Quintana Roo together. It was an adventurous and refreshing vacation; they even swam with dolphins.

He is a proud brother who often posts pictures of Tiana on his socials. They went snowboarding together in March 2018.

In 2017, he went on a trip with Jungle tours Punta del Este to Cancun México. That same year, he shared a picture of his expensive home and their Jeep vehicle.

He jumped out of a plane from 15,000 feet in July 2019. He explored Florence, Italy, and fell in love with its architecture. Likewise, he was at The Grand Canyon and did the Maverick Helicopters tour. He also visited Ys Falls St. Elizabeth with his sister.

He has been in a relationship with Kitty Dashper for a long period. In September 2016, he publicly wished his partner a happy birthday with a cute picture of them together.

Jordan and Kitty started as classmates in school and later fell in love. It has been more than 6 years of their togetherness. She is often seen on his social media. They went on a date to Southwold, a town in England, in July 2020.

Tiana Wilson Parents Are Also Content Creators

Tiana Wilson parents Nigel Wilson and Cherina Wilson are also involved in digital creation like their kids. Nigel and Cherina used to manage the KidsAndToys channel.

Their channel, ‘The Wilson Family,’ is about to hit 2 million subscribers as of 2023. However, there are not any recent posts made by the couple.

Everyone in the Wilson family including Tiana, Jordan, Nigel, and Cherina was active. The most-watched content is ‘Family Fun Challenges’ with 17 million views.

The Wilsons did challenges including the crazy ice bath challenge, magic tricks challenge, and Hoverboard challenge as well as surprise and prank videos. Although most audiences know them as the mother and father of Tiana, they have a separate fan base in the YouTube community.

They may be quite active on YouTube, but they have not been seen on any other apps like Instagram or YouTube.

Tiana Wilson Mom Cherina Wilson

In 2017, Cherina Wilson debuted on the platform with a video titled ‘Giant Balloon Toy Surprise Stuck In My House!’.

Cherina is a 51-year-old and was born on August 1971. On her 50th birthday, she was surprised as well as a prank by her husband and daughter. The video is still on YouTube. She was showered with so many presents on that day.

Tiana Wilson Dad Nigel Wilson

Nigel Wilson has been constantly seen as a part of social media for a long time. Nigel is a family person and makes lifestyle and family videos on YouTube.

Nigel is a 50-year-old whose birthday falls on November 2, 1972. He regularly appears on his daughter’s channel.

He has a lot of tattoos on his body which he regrets. He instantly found out that it was all made-up tattoos and he got really happy. In November 2022, Nigel lost his dad and uploaded a video as a tribute to him.

It was Tiana’s grandpa who passed away, but fans were confused that it was Nigel who breathed his last because the video was titled ‘R.I.P. DAD’ and uploaded from Tiana’s channel.

Currently, the ‘The Wilson Family’ channel is quite inactive, and the last post was made almost a year ago.